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From Shane Curcuru <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Setting Up Official Taiwan
Date Sun, 06 May 2012 18:07:26 GMT
On 2012-05-06 12:11 PM, imacat wrote:
> On 2012/05/06 23:34, Shane Curcuru said:
>> Basic guidelines would include:
>> - (P)PMC approval.  You're already handling this one here on the lists,
>> great!
>      Thanks.
>> - PPMC ownership.  More than one PPMC member should be able to fully
>> administer the account.  A best practice is to have several PPMC members
>> being able to post to the account at will, and to have a basic agreement
>> at keeping the PPMC apprised of the administrator list and allowing
>> other PPMC members to join as authors or administrators.
>      There is some problem here.  Currently there is no other Taiwan PMC
> member but me.  I plan to use these pages as a start to invite more
> volunteers, refer them to ooo-dev, and eventually propose some of them
> as new PMC members when appropriate.  Surely I can invite other
> English-speaking PPMC member to fullfill this request now, but that does
> not make sense.
>      In cases other than Taiwan, this means the official local page needs
> to have at least two PMC members in order to work.  That may not be an
> easy condition for non-English-speaking countries.

The minimum from the ASF side is that more than one PPMC member has 
access to the account - for example to be able to quickly send an urgent 
message, or if the account creator disappears and isn't maintaining the 
account.  So adding another PPMC member to help administer will work 
just fine - even if they don't speak your target language, they could at 
least still access the account and update it (perhaps updating the list 
of admins with a new volunteer) if for some reason you are not able to.

I.e. not everyone who is an admin on the account has to post to it 
regularly.  Some projects - smaller ones than this, however - just send 
the login details to all PMC members, just to ensure they can access the 
account if needed.

Does that make sense?

I agree, the other important issue is having volunteers who can actually 
post relevant things to the account regularly - it sounds like you are 
covering that for the time being.

- Shane

>> - A note on the homepage of the social media account/page/whatever
>> noting that it is run my PPMC members from the AOO project.
>> - A link back from the AOO site itself to the account.  This is a key
>> way that we can inform users of which social media accounts truly could
>> speak for the project or not.  I.e. any "official" accounts the PPMC
>> approves and manages should be linked directly to from someplace on our
>> website.  Any other, non-PPMC accounts could also be linked, but on our
>> website we can let users know which ones we run versus third parties.
>      These are OK.

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