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From Regina Henschel <>
Subject Re: Distributing AOO 3.4: The 22 things we need to do before we announce
Date Thu, 03 May 2012 21:54:40 GMT
Hi Marcus,

Marcus (OOo) schrieb:
> Am 04/29/2012 11:50 PM, schrieb Marcus (OOo):
>> Am 04/29/2012 09:23 PM, schrieb Regina Henschel:
>>> Hi Marcus,
>>> Marcus (OOo) schrieb:
>>>> Am 04/27/2012 09:29 PM, schrieb Marcus (OOo):
>>>>> Am 04/27/2012 04:41 PM, schrieb Rob Weir:
>>>>>> Please review this task list and see if anything is missing. It
>>>>>> would be great to confirm that this list is complete and to have
>>>>>> volunteer's name listed against each one of these tasks.
>>>>>> Note the additional complexity caused by having hard-coded download
>>>>>> logic on the various NL pages.
>>>>> I'll try to setup the separation for the OOo 3.3.0 download links.
>>> Good idea to start.
>>>> The draft setup is finished. Please have a look here:
>>> The interaction of the orange and green part is confusing. There is text
>>> "green button" but there is no green "button".
>>> The orange text itself is a hyperlink, but what target?
>>> The user might come to that page via search, but do not want the
>>> "legacy" but an actual version. I miss a hint, where to go.
>>> Please compare with,
>>> from where I took the sentence in my suggestion.
>>> I suggest to use the orange part as information box.
>>> Legacy
>>> If you are searching for the most recent installation set, please visit
>>> the <link>Apache OpenOffice download</link> webpage. Please note
>>> archived builds are unsupported and may contain security issues. So,
>>> it's highly recommended not to use them but only when there is no other
>>> and better choice.
>>> is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License
>>> v3 (LGPL v3)
>>> Download 3.3.0
>>> ...
>> Thanks for the hints. To do the HTML and JS stuff is easier than to find
>> the right words. ;-)
>> Due to the CSS stuff I had to modify it a bit. I hope it's more clear
>> now.
>> Marcus
> I've edited both webpages again:

Users are likely do not really know about the difference between OOo and 
AOO. Therefore the wording "start downloading the most recent version" 
might be misleading. You mean the most recent version of OOo, but the 
user might think, the most recent version in general.

Which version number the user is going to download, is said in the 
heading. So the additional information about language and OS is 
sufficient here. If many versions of a procuct are provided, the user 
expects to get the most recent one when using default settings.

(1) Add "legacy"
  "Click to start downloading the most recent legacy version for Windows 
and German."
(2) or skip it totally
"Click to start downloading the legacy version for Windows and German.
(3) or repeat the version string from the heading
"Click to start downloading 3.0 for Windows and German."

I have played a little bit around with Opera. It seems, that it 
struggles about the variables VERSION, MIRROR, SCHEMA. I assume that 
they are global and not present in this staging version. Hopefully Opera 
shows the green part too, when the page is produced.

The orange disclaimer has anchor elements without target href. That 
produces the hand-cursor in the browser, which indicates, that there is 
a hyperlink. But here is no hyperlink and nothing happens, when 
clicking. Therefore it it confusing. Please remove the anchor markup.

Kind regards

> When I don't hear any further feedback I'll publish this as final.

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