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From luizheli <>
Subject Re: Introduces
Date Wed, 02 May 2012 22:54:46 GMT
Hello Kevin,

Thanks for the sweet words. What we did here in Brazil with the Journal
BrOffice was a great experience for all of us because the entire
production of the magazine was made ​​by BrOffice suite (Writer and
Draw). With this, we were the first to learn how to use the tool and
help people with tips and tutorials. Furthermore, we did interviews with
CIOs of companies that went through migrations to BrOffice/OpenOffice. I
really like your idea of having the focus on the user. In my opinion,
for this type of project (a magazine) work it takes a very active
community. We already have the social media, local lists are being
created. Do you think it possible to produce an electronic journal
edited and produced using only free software and Apache OpenOffice? I
think so!


Luiz Oliveira

Em 01-05-2012 23:47, Kevin Grignon escreveu:
> Welcome Luiz,
> Great timing. AOO3.4 is almost complete and planning is starting for
> upcoming releases.
> For my part, I've recently joined the project and will be focusing on the
> user experience design and product direction.
> Your experience and background could be of huge assistance to the UX effort
> moving forward. Product design is a multidisciplinary activity, and your
> skills and experience are really impressive. I want to transform the AOO
> design approach to be more oriented around people, versus technology. I
> want to focus the strategic planning and design direction less on features,
> and more on how people use AOO in the context of their lives -
> multi-device, cloud and social and more...
> Your journalism background, and familiarity with how people use AOO could
> really help us tell stories that describe how people will continue to use
> AOO in a way that compliment their lives, where the technology is
> complimentary to the things they like to get done. Such stories are a great
> tool to communicate the product vision internally, and can also be used to
> validate design direction direction with end users
> I'll be looking to re-invigorate the UX sub-community moving forward. We'd
> love to have your support.
> Thoughts?
> Best regards,
> Kevin
> On Wed, May 2, 2012 at 12:36 AM, luizheli <> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am Luiz Oliveira, a journalistfrom Brazil. I led for a time
>> the nationwide BrOffice users group. At the time we still had a
>> magazine[1] created to give tips on the use of suite /
>> BrOffice, designed by my friend Claudio Filho. I helped organize some
>> editions of the National BrOffice event held via videoconference with
>> the participation of up to 04 countries, along with other comrades here
>> in Brazil. I believe in the Apache OpenOffice project and want to
>> contribute to more Brazilians know it.
>> [1]
>> rgds,
>> Luiz Oliveira

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