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From Kay Schenk <>
Subject [DL] need help with a very odd problem on new main DL page...
Date Wed, 02 May 2012 17:54:44 GMT
Something very odd is happening with my testing of the new main DL page at:

and I hope a new set of eyes or braincells or something can help.

If you bring up the source of the page you'll see this bit of JS code:

//alert ("hasMirroLink: " + hasMirrorLink() );
  if ( hasMirrorLink() ) {
    document.write( "<h2>" + myURLlink+ "Download Apache OpenOffice " +
VERSION + "</a></h2>"
    + "<p>" + myURLlink + "Click to start downloading the most recent
version for "
    + getPlatform(SCHEMA) + " and " + getLanguage() + "."
    + "<br/></p>" );
  } else {
	  <!-- dump SF extension -->
	  alert("link before replacment: " + LINK);
	  var newLINK = LINK.replace(/\/download$/,"");
	  alert ("link after replacment: " + newLINK);
	  <!-- route everybody to somplace else ??? -->
    document.write( "<h2><a href='" + newLINK + "' title='" + newLINK +
"'>Download Apache OpenOffice</a></h2>"
    + "<p><a href='" + newLINK + "' title='" + newLINK + "'>Get Apache
OpenOffice for " + getLanguage()
    + " from a Native Language community area.</a></p>" );

all is fine when a mirror link is found. However, when one is NOT found
here is what is happening to me (I tested with a Solaris UA setup, a
platform we are no longer supporting which ended up here):

* I get the first alert showing me a proposed downlosd link, which, due
to the former code, generates:

the trailing "/download" is appended for SourceForce requirement...

* the edit to ditch the trailing "/download" seems to work and I now

in second alert.

* when I put my mouse OVER the now generated links, I SEE, and this is what shows up
in my "message" area of Firefox.

But, when I click on the link, I get bounced over to:

which is of course erroneous...and I get a "404".

Any ideas on this at all??? I'm at wits end.

I am really trying to get this setup so no one gets thrown over a cliff
under any circumstance and this is a puzzle I can't seem to solve.

Thanks for any help on this. I'm off to some appointments and I'll check
back later...


"Well, life has a funny way of sneaking up on you
 And life has a funny way of helping you out
 Helping you out."
                            -- "Ironic", Alanis Morissette

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