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From Pedro Giffuni <>
Subject Re: Introduction
Date Tue, 01 May 2012 14:32:29 GMT
Benvenuto Giuseppe!

On 05/01/12 06:25, Giuseppe Castagno wrote:
> Hi there,
> a few words to introduce myself.
> My name is Giuseppe Castagno, I live in very small town near Turin, 
> Italy.
> I'm 56 years old and I work as a free-lance programmer.
> I participated in, there I was known as beppec56 (at 
> Years back, in I implemented some stuff in the PDF
> export area (,
> among them the PDF/A export 
> (,
> on Writer I added a type of document index
> (
> I am looking forward to working with the Apache OpenOffice
> community.

Wow.. and I have to say that I was thinking just yesterday how
good it would be to have *you* around ;).

I am relatively new to the project but I started with some code
you wrote. I did some small changes to the icc module, mostly to
change the license to Apache License 2, since using copyleft for
the icc profile is simply a bad idea.

I have a wishlist for that module:

1 - We need to update SampleICC: the original version is just too
old and is not available online anymore. Maybe the SampleICC
developers may be interested in having the ICC profile as a
contributed sample.

2- We don't really need to have the icc profile built every time and
we don't have the silly limitations imposed by the GPL so I
was thinking of moving the icc profile generation out of the build
(maybe to tools) and have the generated profile directly in vcl.

3- It would be great if people could download and use the
Adobe profile as an alternative (the stax module gives a similar

If you feel like working on any of that do let me know and I
will help review/commit it. Also, while not strictly mandatory,
you are welcome to submit an iCLA:

It's not as demanding as the previous SUN agreement but
it is important if you want to become a committer later on.

Again, absolutely welcome!


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