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From Graham Lauder>
Subject [UX] Symphony UI elements for AOO
Date Wed, 23 May 2012 12:17:33 GMT
> As one member of the team, I feel proud that people missed the mail merge
> feature ^o*...although the code can't be applied to our code base, the
> design does. We can refer to the best from the design, and improve the mail
> merge function here.

Hi Helen

Congratulations and well done, you and your team did an excellent job.

There are some bits that it would be nice to work on.  Synching of address 
labels for instance.  In the old OOo and it seems in Symphony, the address 
labels were a completely separate document means extra work load for the user.  
It would be preferable to generate both letter and address label at the same 
time then at the Print dialog, be able to choose Print documents or Print 

> Besides mail merge & MDI, there are a lot of user experience improvements
> across three editors in this contribution...for example, the sidebar is in,
> which users can access most context properties easily; the clip-art
> gallery, has many newly designed pictures; numbering & bullet enhancements,
> context menu, look & feel, ...some are bigger ones, but some are very small
> items, but were driven by strong user needs or user study, so IMHO still
> very valuable for users.

It's too bad about the MDI, ironically the pre-SUN StarOffice had an MDI.  
Very good it was too.   I do like the sidebar and the whole fresher 
uncluttered look

> These enhancements are spreading in many places (in code) across three
> editors. It would take quite some time to integrate. I would invite all to
> have a look at the list, and discuss what you like, what we want to use
> here, and how to go forward...Looking forward to your thoughts. :-)

Will do

> Helen


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