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From James Lee <>
Subject Re: Unofficial OpenSolaris/SPARC 3.4 build
Date Fri, 11 May 2012 15:24:30 GMT
On 11/05/12, 14:21:48, Nicolas Christener 
<> wrote regarding Re: Unofficial 
OpenSolaris/SPARC 3.4 build:

> > > *
> >
> > ["Find & Replace" matches wrong sequences]
> >
> > I can't reproduce this with my own Solaris 10 Sparc 3.4.0 build.

> Could you send me some information about how you built the source?

Here goes.  The biggest difference I see is I used Solaris 10.

$ cat /etc/release 
                   Oracle Solaris 10 8/11 s10s_u10wos_17b SPARC
  Copyright (c) 1983, 2011, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights 
                            Assembled 23 August 2011

$ cc -V
cc: Sun C 5.12 SunOS_sparc 2011/11/16

Java: jdk1.6.0_26

I'm still playing with flags.  As my Sparc build takes a day and my x86 
build takes an hour the Sparc flags used for this were set to the minimum 
just to get a test build and not supposed to be final or useful.

The configure args were:

./configure \
--with-epm="/work/oo/epm-3.7/epm" \
--with-gnu-patch=/usr/bin/gpatch \
--with-gnu-cp=/work/oo/PREFIX-root/opt/PREFIX/bin/gcp \
--with-ant-home=/opt/PREFIX \
--with-ant-home=/opt/PREFIX/share/java \
--with-perl-home=/opt/PREFIX \
--with-jdk-home=${JAVA_HOME} \
--disable-gtk \
--disable-gstreamer \
--disable-ldap \
--disable-odk \
--disable-gnomevfs \
--with-external-tar=/work/oo/ext_sources/ \
--with-junit=/opt/PREFIX/share/java/junit.jar \
--disable-cups \
--with-system-openssl \

-xO0 -xnolibmopt -xnolibmil -xstrconst -xtarget=generic -xcode=pic32 -m32

I had to hack test tools to avoid a core dump during build but this 
doesn't seem to affect the result.

 else it (sal?) complains about 4 vs 5 args.

l10n causes it to fail build so I just removed.

Patch to use a perl with the needed modules.

Patch so stop compiler complaining about lvalues:
"../../../../inc/bf_goodies/hmatrix.hxx", line 115: Error: Initializing 
binfilter::Point4D& requires an lvalue.
"../../../../inc/bf_goodies/hmatrix.hxx", line 116: Error: Initializing 
binfilter::Vector3D& requires an lvalue.
"../../../../inc/bf_goodies/hmatrix.hxx", line 117: Error: Initializing 
binfilter::Vector3D& requires an lvalue.

Curiously, this is needed with Sparc but not x86.  I don't understand why 
the choice was ever there but if it's good for gcc then I can't see why 
SunProCC needs anything else.  I'll decide later if this is right, for 
now this is to get it to compile.   I'd like to know why I needed this 
and presumably you don't.

Patch file attached.

The biggest problem I have is it writes the user data to the install 
directory (not $HOME) and crashes when this is correctly read only.  I'm 
still working on this and the whole build.


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