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From drew jensen <>
Subject Re: [OT] AOO in Telecenter
Date Thu, 17 May 2012 15:44:47 GMT
On Thu, 2012-05-17 at 12:38 -0300, Claudio Filho wrote:
> Hi
> 2012/5/17 Louis Suárez-Potts <>:
> > This is good! does it continue the activity of earlier years?
> Yes. Exist a decrease because the gov is passing the maintaining
> effectively to society, but some government programs like GESAC[1],
> yet continue. The difference from this program to a telecenter is that
> the internet is provided through satelite link, in places where
> haven't cable.
> [1]
> > Wow. And will it be called Apache OpenOffice? And be in BR-PT? Can you also give
us a
> > sense of how many people will be reached (able to use) by these enhancements?
> Yes. Remember that BrOffice was killed after they "rescued" the users
> for them, and after started a FUD campain against this name.
> However, Yes, will be over pt-BR and with name "Apache OpenOffice".
> > Also, in case people don't know, would you be so kind as to explain what a Telecenter
> In Brasil started a many years ago in a moviment from organized
> society to make places with free access to computers with many apps
> and internet. After, this idea grew to a national plan, multiplying
> around the country, including free computing courses and digital
> inclusion for low income population.
> > Yes. Perhaps the telecentros can be persuaded to help out with the effort required?
> > may already be doing so, of course.)
> No. Was a asking from one of project coordinators about this. Is
> possible we help? IMO, is understand more some points and adjust it in
> the space.

Ah - I think I understand and if so - YES, YES, YES we could use the

I never got the synch to SVN to work - 
so, suppose it's back to the fist idea wich is, just load the source
from the 3.4 release tarball into the launchpad system, from there we
can start he build process.


> Bests,
> Claudio

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