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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject RE: Performance!
Date Fri, 11 May 2012 16:34:17 GMT
I have no problem with users having whatever performance experiences they have.  However, it
is no basis for *us* who have technical responsibilities here to presume that is usable as
a technical fact.

It is like saying 9 out of 12 users perceive improved performance of Apache OpenOffice 3.4.0.
 So what?  Automobile gasoline mileage ratings are better than that and remember, YMMV!!

It is meaningless and we should not be so anxious to rely on hearsay.  

What's needed is dependable, repeatable statistics gathered under controlled conditions. 
The information should be available for the purpose of our technical assessment of areas for
improvement, of places where feature attempts add degradation, etc.

- Dennis

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From: Andre Fischer [] 
Sent: Friday, May 11, 2012 00:27
Subject: Re: Performance!

On 10.05.2012 18:23, Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:
> All right, this seems like a good place to splice in a comment I made in the private
thread that it is time to be careful and not get into exaggerated claims, especially when
a variation is not consistently present to all users in all situations.
> Unsubstantiated subjective experiences are not trustworthy.

That is true.  But OpenOffice is not a high performance computing 
application.  When a user thinks that it is fast enough then it IS fast 


>    It is also very difficult to control the variations that exist from one setting and
execution to another.
> So let's stop making so much of this.
>   - Dennis
> I just stubbed my toe on a performance situation where there is a serious worse-than-linear
degradation in performance as a particular kind of ODF Text document grows.  Using a hot machine,
I only noticed the pain when opening the document extended into an intolerable number of minutes
as I continued work on successive drafts.  On my slower laptop, where I repeated the test
for comparison purpose, the document now takes over an hour to open.  This is on OO.o 3.3.0,
AOO 3.4.0, and a variety of LibreOffice releases.
> Yes there are differences among the different releases, and they are rather consistent
when the time is so long, but the fastest ( 3.3.0 in my crude tests) is still
swamped by whatever the serious performance degradation is and it is common to all releases
> This is not the kind of problem that can be isolated into a small test case for reproducibility,
so the forensic work to demonstrate it and capture data points is really tedious.  Ordinary
users probably think that their software has hung or is not even starting when it is just
that there is something that is taking a very long time as part of loading the document (but
neither disk nor network, something in the logic that pegs the CPU for minutes when not hours).
> Bug reports will follow shortly.
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> From: J├╝rgen Schmidt []
> Sent: Thursday, May 10, 2012 08:45
> To:
> Subject: Re: Performance!
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> But the point right now is that the majority of users don't care about
> this and see only that AOO is starting fast. A fact that I like very
> much because there were indeed some improvements for 3.4.
> And how nice is it when users notice such improvements without deeper
> analysis. The fact that users simply having the impression that it
> starts fast is very nice.
> So let us focus on further improvement going in this direction. Let us
> make our users happy. Many many happy users and their positive feedback
> is the payment that we get for our work here.
> Juergen
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