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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject RE: [USER EXPERIENCE] Double clicking file name of minimized document
Date Thu, 17 May 2012 16:07:14 GMT
Um, on Windows, the easy (and only recommended) way to restore is to single-click the file
on the task bar.  Or you can use Alt-Tab and other techniques to cycle through the open documents
and restore the one you want by selecting it among those displayed.  (In some applications,
you can get to any document instance, minimized or not, via a "Window" menu option, but it
means you need the some application window restored to get the menu.)

I imagine that double-clicking on the file name in the documents directory location (understood
to be a request to open/launch the resource) runs into the lock on the already-open file and,
since the lock is from a running instance, it simply ignores the second open attempt.  This
appears to be application-specific behavior and is probably an expedient solution that doesn't
require separating out edge cases (file being open and locked in a different application than
the one associated with the file name, for example).  I suggest that the current behavior
is preferable to a typical default behavior when an already-locked document is encountered
(for some apps: offer to open read-only, over-ride the lock, or cancel).  I suppose another
option would be to drop the current instance and open the document anew.

You are welcome to make a feature request in the Bugzilla.  Please be specific about which
operating systems you want the behavior on, because I don't think what you are asking for
is "usual" for Windows.  I have seen the Microsoft Office behavior you describe.  It takes
great care to get it right.  I suspect the behavior was added to protect users from opening
two instances on the same document and/or not simply report that the document is already open
in some/the application.

 - Dennis

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From: Hans Zybura [] 
Sent: Thursday, May 17, 2012 05:44
Subject: [USER EXPERIENCE] Double clicking file name of minimized document

Currently with AOO 3.4, double-clicking a file name of an open document that
has its document window minimized or in the background does not change the
state of the document window at all. The only result on Windows is the mouse
pointer changing to hourglass for a short time - nothing else happens. The
same is true with earlier Versions of OOo. This is inconvenient and unusual

I didn't test this with AOO 3.4 on MacOs and Linux, but earlier Versions of
OOo showed similar results when double clicking file names of minimized
document windows on both OS's,  i.e. nothing happened at all.

Propose (target AOO 3.5): Double-clicking a [file name of | icon of | link
to] a minimized document should result in restoring the document window to
its previous size and position, make it the topmost window and give it the
focus. If not minimized but in the background, make it the topmost window
and give it the focus.

Most applications on Windows (AFAIK on MacOS and Linux, too) handle it the
way I propose. Some applications, e.g. Microsoft Excel, will additionally
ask whether they should re-open the document and warn that unsaved changes
may be lost then. I don't think the Excel way is better.

Any comments on this before I write an issue in bugzilla?

Regards, Hans Zybura

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