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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject RE: Need guide for my first 'push'
Date Sat, 19 May 2012 16:09:39 GMT
Regina, where did you see anything about using GIT with AOO?  That needs to be fixed.

For committers, it is necessary to use SVN.

There is no git-based submission on the Apache OpenOffice project.  

The git view of the SVN is a courtesy, it is not how development is done.

You can derive a patch *file* with git (though it is tricky to find how to do it, as I recall)
and submit it to AOO as an attachment to a bugzilla or in a post to ooo-dev (I think in-line
text then).  All of those things can be done as well with the SVN (and it is easier to derive
a patch file), but you can also do commits in the SVN if you have committer authorization.
 Committers: Remember to use the https: URL when checking-out a Working Copy in order to be
able to make commits.

Contributors who do not have commit rights can also use the SVN and derive patches in their
working copy.
Committers who would rather submit a patch for review than make a commit directly can use
the same procedure with their SVN Working Copy.

 - Dennis

PS: For those who have not dug into the AOO SVN Structure already, it may be interesting to
learn that the web site is maintained in SVN and published via SVN also.

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From: Regina Henschel [] 
Sent: Saturday, May 19, 2012 07:40
To: Apache OpenOffice dev
Subject: Need guide for my first 'push'

Hi all,

I'm ready to push my first patch. But it is the first time and I need a 
guide how to do it.

I have cloned from trunk by 'git svn clone ...'
I have made all the changes, compiled and tested.
I have done 'git commit -am' and controlled the changes with 'git 
format-patch git-svn'.

But now I do not know how to continue.

Kind regards

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