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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject RE: Need guide for my first 'push'
Date Sat, 19 May 2012 17:28:09 GMT
OK, I see.  Ariel's advice is appropriate if you are comfortable with GIT and like the compactness.
 However, it is only good for non-committer activities, such as seeing if you can build from
source, etc.

(By the way, with the latest SVN and especially with TortoiseSVN, I don't know that there
is much difference in the size for working copies, and you can be very selective with what
you check out and keep updated.)

However, GIT is not supported for what committers do on Apache OpenOffice.  No pushing changes.
 The GIT view of the Apache OpenOffice SVN repository is read-only. 

I've only made free-standing patch files using clones of Mercurial (for LibreOffice, just
once).  I am not certain how you do it with GIT.  I think you make your modification, commit
it to the GIT clone, and then use the ability to produce a diff (.patch) between the latest
and the previous version of the particular files.


Using the location, check out what you want
using SVN.  I would create a directory for that level but you might want to do only check
out trunk in a directory underneath it.  Later, you can check out ooosite underneath incubator/ooo/
and work on the web site that way too, if you wish.

In your working copy, make the changes that you propose.

Then, still in the working copy, use the procedure for deriving a patch instead of committing
your changed working-copy.  That will give you a patch file good for review-then-commit rather
than commit-then-review.  You can attach the patch to a bugzilla and post a [PATCH] note to
ooo-dev to request review.

CTR works pretty well to the trunk, though.  If it doesn't look right, someone will usually
fix it or revert it very quickly.  Since there are notices to the commit list, you need not
worry about your change being overlooked.

I prefer RTC myself, especially where I am not that familiar with how everything holds together.
 The procedure for deriving patch files for changes made in your working copy is straightforward.

 - Dennis

PS: The first time you do a direct check-in I think you'll be asked to provide your committer
credentials.  I let TortoiseSVN handle all of that for me on Windows.

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From: Regina Henschel [] 
Sent: Saturday, May 19, 2012 09:26
Subject: Re: Need guide for my first 'push'

Hi Dennis,

Dennis E. Hamilton schrieb:
> Regina, where did you see anything about using GIT with AOO?

Kind regards

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