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From Peter Pöml <>
Subject Re: Ditching our mirror system for an inferior solution?
Date Sun, 15 Apr 2012 23:14:39 GMT
Hi Joe,

Am 13.04.2012 um 09:23 schrieb Joe Schaefer:
> Right.  The plan all along was to migrate the mirrorbrain network to apache mirrors and
supplement that with sf help.  That we all agreed to this only to have sand kicked in our
faces again is merely status quo for how this project operates.

Aren't you a mentor for this project?

Two thing that I'd like to say. First, with "sand kicked" in your face, do you refer to my
mail, or to a followup by somebody else?

If it has to do with my mail: I know I raised a number of technical concerns. Which of them,
or what in my mail wasn't appropriate? Please point me to non-technical issues that I may
have touched, because my intention is not to hurt anyones feelings (and I'm sorry if this

Second, I don't agree with the "we all agreed" part. It is not true that "we all agreed".
There was a discussion in the past how to proceed. The discussion did not finish though ---
but put was stopped dead by a ASF representative (of a role unknown to me). See this thread:

The resolution was:$e9ebc710$bdc35530$

> I would like us to move on from this Topic, I have said before and I will
> say it again,
> ASF Infra will NOT support mirrorbrain.
> We have one mirror system and it deals with 200 or so projects. OpenOffice
> project will
> use the current ASF supported mirror system. End of story.

Bummer. IMO, the discussion was ended by force before it even started. Therefore I don't agree
that much with "we all agreed". 

How about revisiting the subject? 

You see, needs a powerful mirror system. For a number of technical reasons
I hopefully could explain. Wouldn't it be good to join forces? I certainly think so and I'll
be happy to support you.


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