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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Legacy Google Analytics on the website, missing privacy policies, etc.
Date Thu, 26 Apr 2012 00:44:28 GMT
I found some more legacy GA issues:

1)  The wiki ( is using GA, with an
account number UA-1087265-7.  This is not under the control of the
PPMC.  I assume it is some legacy Sun/Oracle account.   We should
update this.  Also, the wiki's privacy policy is empty, meaning we've
been out of policy for a while now.    So I went in and added the
necessary language to the privacy policy, based on what we're already
using on

But we still need the GA codes updated to our account.  I'll enter a
JIRA issue for that.

2) Next, the support forums, start with the main page
( and in each individual forum,
are using Google Analytics as well, with account UA-1087265-8.
Again, this appears to be an old Sun-era legacy account, not under
PPMC control.  That page (and the forum pages) points to a legacy
Oracle terms of service that needs to be updated.   I don't think the
privacy statement is adequate from a GA perspective either.  I don't
have permissions to modify these pages, but I'm happy to help provide
GA codes, and privacy policy text to anyone who does.

3) Finally,  I found two other GA accounts that were previously used
by the project, but are not currently in use: UA-1087265-6 UA-1087265-1

If we decide to use GA there, we should be sure to use the new GA
account codes, not the legacy Sun ones.



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