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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Legacy Google Analytics Use
Date Thu, 12 Apr 2012 20:09:14 GMT
Out of curiosity I scanned our ooo-site files for Google Analytics
tracking code.  Much to my surprise I found that 15 different GA
accounts were in use, tracking different portions of the website.  Not
15 different pages, but 15 different independent users who had
inserted GA tracking code into the website and associated it with 15
different GA accounts.

(I only checked the static files, not the wiki or forums.)

If you recall, when I initially raised the suggestion of adding GA
tracking to the website, there was general concern about privacy and
treating data derived from GA carefully, and keeping it under PPMC
control.  So it is safe to assume that having such info going to 15
unknown parties would also not meet with the PPMC's approval, even
though this evidently has been occurring for quite some time.

So, I've gone ahead and fixed this.  I've made a commit that unifies
all the legacy tracking under a single GA ID.  As discussed before I'm
happy to add any PPMC member (or Mentor) to the GA account, if given
your Google login ID.


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