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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: Legacy Google Analytics on the website, missing privacy policies, etc.
Date Thu, 26 Apr 2012 01:35:18 GMT
On Wed, Apr 25, 2012 at 9:10 PM, drew <> wrote:
> On Wed, 2012-04-25 at 20:44 -0400, Rob Weir wrote:
>> I found some more legacy GA issues:
>> 1)  The wiki ( is using GA, with an
>> account number UA-1087265-7.  This is not under the control of the
>> PPMC.  I assume it is some legacy Sun/Oracle account.   We should
>> update this.  Also, the wiki's privacy policy is empty, meaning we've
>> been out of policy for a while now.    So I went in and added the
>> necessary language to the privacy policy, based on what we're already
>> using on
>> But we still need the GA codes updated to our account.  I'll enter a
>> JIRA issue for that.
>> 2) Next, the support forums, start with the main page
>> ( and in each individual forum,
>> are using Google Analytics as well, with account UA-1087265-8.
>> Again, this appears to be an old Sun-era legacy account, not under
>> PPMC control.  That page (and the forum pages) points to a legacy
>> Oracle terms of service that needs to be updated.   I don't think the
>> privacy statement is adequate from a GA perspective either.  I don't
>> have permissions to modify these pages, but I'm happy to help provide
>> GA codes, and privacy policy text to anyone who does.
> huh - I was sure that was gone form the actual forums - it was supposed
> to be - actually I was sure it was. Your right though it's there in the
> footer much for being sure.
> The landing page I knew about, I mentioned it on the list a few times.
> Speaking of which I sent the updated pages for update (not sitting in my
> drafts any longer), but never heard anything back - maybe I should
> attach them to a JIRA issue instead.

So who can update this?  I put the wiki update request in JIRA per
Raphael's request.  He can handle that via Infra.   But I'm not sure
who is able to update the forum stuff now.

> Anyway - I'm still curious about what you mean by the GA account under
> PPMC control - I understand from some of you other emails that you do
> not simply mean it is held by a PPMC member? Which is a way of saying
> that this is time of setting precedents and a golden opportunity to lead
> by example.

The legacy GA account appears to be under unknown control, so by any
definition you might suggest, it is not under PPMC control.

"Under PPMC" control does not merely mean under the control of a
single PPMC member.  Sure, at some level an external tool might only
permit a single account owner.  But often they allow multiple admins,
multiple associated users, etc.  To have something under PPMC control
means that access has been opened up to anyone in the PPMC who wants
access.   It also means that the use of the account is under the
direction and oversite of the PPMC.  Other than being an external
resources, this is no different than how we treat our MediaWiki or
phpBB forums.  Those who have direct admin "control" are few.  But
these services are treated as being under PPMC control, since at our
direction we can direct things to happen.

In the case of the GA account, back in March I opened this up to any
PPMC member who wanted to be added to the account. Several took me up
on the offer.

Shane has explained this concept as well, in the context of social
networking sites, if you find his explanation easier to understand.


> //drew
>> 3) Finally,  I found two other GA accounts that were previously used
>> by the project, but are not currently in use:
>> UA-1087265-6
>> UA-1087265-1
>> If we decide to use GA there, we should be sure to use the new GA
>> account codes, not the legacy Sun ones.
>> Thanks!
>> -Rob

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