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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: Pages in the social media
Date Sat, 28 Apr 2012 16:57:22 GMT
On Sat, Apr 28, 2012 at 12:35 PM, Alexandro Colorado <> wrote:


> I did address some issues that need to be fixed before moving them to
> PPMC control, you have also skip those discussions without an answer.
> These accounts will continue to work, with or without your permission.
> I am not sure what make you think that you can say what is official or
> not more than I do. Many people have shown their concern with
> duplicating efforts as a bad idea and you have simply not address
> that. You rather clone the accounts than work with them.

What makes me think I can say what is the official Google+ page?  Easy
answer:  I started a thread called "[Proposal] Official Google+ Page
for Apache OpenOffice" and gathered feedback.  The PPMC reaction was
favorable.   I then added other PPMC members to the account, so it was
not just me controlling the account.   We discussed how openly and
transparently how we would use the account.   We then branded the
account with the project logo, sent out an announcement started
posting relevant content.

It is not what I *say* that makes the account official.  It is what I
do.  Handing over control, working with the PPMC, making proposals,
getting their feedback, these are all things that are part of it.  In
the end, it is not *my* account.  It is it the PPMC's.  That is what
makes the difference.

I agree duplicating effort is bad.  But we are not duplicating effort.
 As I pointed out, you've done absolutely nothing with the Google+
page.  There is zero effort there.  Nothing done since November.  So
we're not duplicating anything.

If you want to avoid duplicating effort and avoid confusing users, why
don't you agree to direct the followers of your Google+ page to the
active one and to shut yours down?  Why won't you do this right now?
I think it is an undebatable point that the new Google+ page is:

1) Under PPMC control
2) Is actively being used
3) Is integrated with the project's webpage
4) Is growing rapidly

It is also undebatable that your page:

A) Has not been used since last November
B) You have not proposed it as an official project page
C) You have not integrated it into the project's website
D) You have not put it under PPMC control

So given the above, please tell us why you continue with that page?
Why not direct the users to active page and shut yours down?  Is this
just about personal control?  If not, then what is your justification?


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