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From xia zhao <>
Subject Re: Maybe stupid questions and summary of my comments (fwd)
Date Thu, 12 Apr 2012 05:51:59 GMT

2012/4/7 Hannu Puhakka <>

> Hi OpenOffice developers
> I joined this list a day ago. I am not familiar with your groups and not
> sure if I am on the right list at all. Maybe someone can comment.
> I am using oof OOO330m20 (Build: 9567). I have heard rumors that there are
> several OpenOffice projects - no idea what they might be and what to use -
> that my version is "created by Oracle".

   You may try the AOO 3.4 new ones, which is on the way to publish. You
can get it from:

> I am running a small software company in Finland and used normally
> MsOffice for presentations, sheets and documents. Because of HW crash I now
> started to manage by OpenOffice. Then I have got some problems and ideas to
> improve OpenOffice. I suppose I myself do not have resources for
> programming OpenOffice.

> Welcome the problems and ideas. It will help to improve AOO quality. I
> means Apache OpenOffice.

> Where should I send my comments?
   What you did is one good place. ooo-dev mail list. Another good place
for problem and suggestion is BugZilla.

> Where is the database to check if my comments have already been handled?
   BugZilla is the database to report bugs, including problem or some
enhancements request.

What version I should use to be useful with my comments?
proposed AOO 3.4 RC build, you may use itfor your comments.

How should I title my comments?
> Each comment with one bug.

> Some of my comments:
> 1) bug: / Impress: I insert a new slide. I click a text element and change
> the text size from default 32 to 22 (rigth click on the frame and choose
> Character size 22). If I move the mouse on the first text row to start
> writing, but do not write even a letter and THEN I select the frame, font
> size will be changed again 32 although the character size shows 22. I have
> to change the size to maybe 15 and back to 22 to be able to continue.
    You may modify the master page of impress if you plan modify the text
size from 32 to 22 for whole slides.

> 2)improvement / Impress /Writer: Changing of picture size by mouse is very
> annoying. If you have inserted a picture from file into your presentation
> or document, you in 96 % of the cases need to modify the size - smaller or
> bigger. And 99% of those cases you expect that the picture should keep the
> original shape - it meens to  "Keep ratio"!!!
> But now in Open Office when you resize the image, it never keeps the ratio
> - even if the "Keep ratio" checkbox is checked. I suppose this feature has
> been five years. If I do not work properly, still the feature should be
> changed because nobody cannot understand. See the attachments
> "keep_ratio.jpg","resize.jpg".

    I don't have this kind of problem against AOO 3.4, maybe you can try

> 3) bug: / Impress: "Text" area. Many times when I try to insert a new line
> on my list pressing "Enter", the application do not add a new line, instead
> tries to continue writing the same line and the letters appear at the same
> character at the end of the line. I can fix it by selection another text
> area and after that coming back. The problems appears many times a day, not
> for every text area. See the attachment "open_office_text_area.jpg".
> Also I haven't this kind of problem against AOO 3.4, you can try and if
> you still have it, report it in BugZilla.

> 4) development proposal: Every open office program should have on the Help
> menu two selections: "Send a bug report", "Send a development proposal"
> which should order a link where you could send your comments with automatic
> information of the version you used.

> Well, seems one good suggestion. Also post it in BugZilla as enhancement
> request.

> Regards
> Hannu
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> Hannu Puhakka, +358 40 59 68 159,
> Vetokonsultit Oy,+358 9 2747 400, Kultasepänkatu 4 B, 04250 KERAVA,FINLAND
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