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From Alexandro Colorado <>
Subject Re: Pages in the social media
Date Sat, 28 Apr 2012 17:16:10 GMT
On 4/28/12, Rob Weir <> wrote:
> On Sat, Apr 28, 2012 at 12:35 PM, Alexandro Colorado <>
> wrote:
> <snip>
>> I did address some issues that need to be fixed before moving them to
>> PPMC control, you have also skip those discussions without an answer.
>> These accounts will continue to work, with or without your permission.
>> I am not sure what make you think that you can say what is official or
>> not more than I do. Many people have shown their concern with
>> duplicating efforts as a bad idea and you have simply not address
>> that. You rather clone the accounts than work with them.
> What makes me think I can say what is the official Google+ page?  Easy
> answer:  I started a thread called "[Proposal] Official Google+ Page
> for Apache OpenOffice" and gathered feedback.  The PPMC reaction was
> favorable.   I then added other PPMC members to the account, so it was
> not just me controlling the account.   We discussed how openly and
> transparently how we would use the account.   We then branded the
> account with the project logo, sent out an announcement started
> posting relevant content.
> It is not what I *say* that makes the account official.  It is what I
> do.  Handing over control, working with the PPMC, making proposals,
> getting their feedback, these are all things that are part of it.  In
> the end, it is not *my* account.  It is it the PPMC's.  That is what
> makes the difference.
> I agree duplicating effort is bad.  But we are not duplicating effort.
>  As I pointed out, you've done absolutely nothing with the Google+
> page.  There is zero effort there.  Nothing done since November.  So
> we're not duplicating anything.
> If you want to avoid duplicating effort and avoid confusing users, why
> don't you agree to direct the followers of your Google+ page to the
> active one and to shut yours down?  Why won't you do this right now?
> I think it is an undebatable point that the new Google+ page is:
> 1) Under PPMC control
> 2) Is actively being used
> 3) Is integrated with the project's webpage
> 4) Is growing rapidly
> It is also undebatable that your page:
> A) Has not been used since last November
> B) You have not proposed it as an official project page
> C) You have not integrated it into the project's website
> D) You have not put it under PPMC control
> So given the above, please tell us why you continue with that page?
> Why not direct the users to active page and shut yours down?  Is this
> just about personal control?  If not, then what is your justification?
> -Rob

You keep ignoring the question I asked you many times so far. Why you
never provided content to the G+ account in 6 months?

Alexandro Colorado EspaƱol

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