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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: [Spi-private] OpenOffice funds
Date Mon, 30 Apr 2012 12:36:31 GMT
On 30 April 2012 09:27, MJ Ray <> wrote:
> Louis

I'm jumping in and speaking as a mentor of AOO and  ASF VP of
Community Development.

>> was using SPI for aspects of fund raising and money
>> management. With the transfer of the code to Apache and the
>> development of a new community around Apache OpenOffice, as it is
>> now called, there is no need for SPI's services.
> Why is there no Apache OpenOffice listed on
> ?

That page lists Apache Top Level Projects. Apache OpenOffice is not
yet a Top Level Project, it is still in the incubator and listed at

The Apache OpenOffice site is at and the is now on ASF hardware.

In order to become a Top Level Project AOO needs to release a version
of OpenOffice which is licensed under an Apache license and have a
community that is sufficiently divers to ensure long term viability.
Diversity is not a problem and the first Apache licensed release is

> I suspect the donations held at SPI are earmarked for
> so can the Apache Software Foundation handle that and avoid using the
> funds for foundation-level costs?

The money will be used for the exclusive benefit of the
project (now Apache OpenOffice) for purposes described on the original
collection page.

Please note that this is an exception to the normal policy within the
ASF, which does not generally accept targeted donations. However,
since this money was donated for a specific set of uses the ASF will
honour this and make the money available to the AOO project as a
discretionary budget for uses defined by the SPI collection page. For
more information on this please see the mail sent by Wolf Halton to on 19 March 2012 (subject "monies collected for") and copied to by Michael
Schultheiss on the same day. Specifically:

"we [the AOO project] have a project-wide consensus that any funds SPI has
collected be used for developer travel and event planning.  If we can
piggyback on larger ASF events, this money can go a long way.

Though the original information page said the monies collected might
also be used to pay application developers, this use is off the table
because ASF rules specifically prohibit their paying for development."

Please note that the final stages of approval for the appropriate
handling of this money is in progress at the ASF (I speak as a Member
of the foundation, but not as a member of the Fundraising committee).
We will not request final transfer until such approval has been
confirmed by the Fundraising committee. However, I believe this to be
a matter of process at this point.

I'll leave it to the AOO community to address further issues and
continue making arrangements, but if you require an official statement
from the ASF please don't hesitate to ask.


> It's not clear to me from
> Hope that helps,
> --
> MJ Ray (slef), member of, a for-more-than-profit co-op.
> supporter, web and library systems developer.
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Ross Gardler (@rgardler)
Programme Leader (Open Development)

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