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From RGB ES <>
Subject Re: [RELEASE] new DL test...needs review and comments, and probably correction
Date Mon, 30 Apr 2012 09:54:59 GMT
2012/4/30 Kay Schenk <>:
> Ok, I am hoping this will be about the last, final review on the new
> download/index.html --
> prototype at:
> This assumes SourceForge ONLY, and that the  3.4 pre-built client packs
> will be in the hiearchy as the 3.3 is -- stable, etc.
> Naturally NONE of the links will work until something gets out there and
> there is a TON of alerts which I will of course eventually comment out.
> It suddenly dawned on me *just today* that we don't want to continue to
> generate links for OSes we no longer support now, like Sun's retinue, and
> for some reason because of how this all operates, it took me forever to fix
> this one aspect.  I could have not bothered with this but well, I didn't
> want to lead folks astray with a "not found" -- so they will now get sent
> to "other.html".
> So, please test with what you've got and I hope for ALL platforms that we
> do support, you get a link that looks to be correct.
> ps. I'm assuming that we will house the actual "source" artifact from
> Apache and this will show up in other.html as well when someone provides
> this information.
Going to that page, I enter on a loop of pop-ups: the first one says
"schema:aoo_incubating", the second one "Platform:linux 64-bit" and
then this message:

myURLlink :<a href=""
title = "
" >

Then everything starts again with some variants (a message saying
"hasMirroLink:true") and after another loop I finally land on the
download page. This happens with firefox 12 and konqueror 4.8.2.


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