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From RGB ES <>
Subject Re: [RC testing]Problems with ICU regexp engine and other problems that returned
Date Fri, 27 Apr 2012 09:51:46 GMT
El día 27 de abril de 2012 07:20, Herbert Duerr <> escribió:
>> if you use search / replace with regexp and on the
>> "replace" box insert a reference, you'll get $1 instead of the
>> reference. For example, searching for duplicated words with
>> \b(\w+) *\1\b
>> and writing
>> $1
>> on replace, the duplicated word will be replaced by $1 instead of the
>> single word.
> The concrete problem is that either
>  ReplaceBackReferences() in main/sw/source/ui/uiview/viewsrch.cxx
> should be updated to understand the advanced features of ICU regexp or what
> would IMHO be the better solution: WriterEngine or EditEngine should simply
> trust the result of the Regexp machinery.
>> Another problem that was fixed but returned is the autoreplace that do
>> not match case of the target word. For example, if you type
>> "onomatopoeia" and then start typing ONOM... you'll end with
>> ONOMatopeia, i.e., mixed case. That also worked on a previous dev
>> build.
> That seems to be unrelated to the RegExp replacement. Do you happen to
> remember which version had that feature? It somehow reminds me of

I know it is not related with regexp, I just found it almost at the
same time of the day (between 1 and 2AM...) ;)

The issue was marked as fixed because the patch was applied on a dev
build back on February. At that time everything was OK, but now it is
not working.


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