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From RGB ES <>
Subject [RC testing]Problems with ICU regexp engine and other problems that returned
Date Fri, 27 Apr 2012 00:04:59 GMT
This problem appeared (and was reported) when the regexp engine was
replaced by ICU, but I'm quite sure that it was fixed some time ago on
previous dev builds... problem is that it seems the problem was
reintroduced: if you use search / replace with regexp and on the
"replace" box insert a reference, you'll get $1 instead of the
reference. For example, searching for duplicated words with

\b(\w+) *\1\b

and writing


on replace, the duplicated word will be replaced by $1 instead of the
single word.

Another problem that was fixed but returned is the autoreplace that do
not match case of the target word. For example, if you type
"onomatopoeia" and then start typing ONOM... you'll end with
ONOMatopeia, i.e., mixed case. That also worked on a previous dev


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