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From Kevin Grignon <>
Subject Re: Pinterest
Date Sun, 29 Apr 2012 09:28:41 GMT

Pinterest screen caps are interesting. 

I'm not familiar with how other software products are using the service, however, I'm assuming
the goal is to drive traffic to our site and promote adoption. Perhaps we could align our
pinterest screen caps to key features and aspects of our value prop as documented on the wiki.



On Apr 28, 2012, at 9:14 PM, Nancy K <> wrote:

> I am excited about using this too! You mentioned using something fun or funny to promote
this on YouTube - the video could have a pin on Pinterest as well.  What about a title like
'Apache road to Open Office' with a picture of a road full of patches....or...some picture
of a popular scene in an old movie, or a popular actor/actress with a close--up funny expression
and a few words watermarked on the picture - someone famous and funny (not political) could
draw attention.
> The webinar I attended is free and will repeat next week - you have to sign up beforehand
to get access. The webinar is essentially a teaser for a class that they want you to purchase
- but you might like the insight it presented as well.

> Nancy 
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> From: Xia Zhao <>
> To:; Nancy K <> 
> Sent: Friday, April 27, 2012 10:55 PM
> Subject: Re: Pinterest
> Nancy,
> I like your idea very much! Currently Pinterest is very popular in Social
> media and Social business in the world. More and more enterprise, community
> etc use it to promote their product and business. Surely we can use it to
> promote AOO 3.4 and further release.
> I am writing one paper about "From Social Media to Social Business" these
> days and is thinking how to promote AOO to the world except for the ways we
> used before. Except Pinterest, Youtube is one good way we can use, I
> suggest we record some video to doom AOO 3.4 and do something  funny about
> the release etc. And promote it to Youtube.
> We may work together. And anyone else has interesting? With AOO 3.4 is
> released I suppose we should have some promotion activities.
> Best regards,
> Lily
> 2012/4/26 Nancy K <>
>> Hi!
>> I attended an hour webinar highlighting the use of Pinterest for
>> businesses - B2C, B2B and also personal.  I learned that in less than a
>> year, this social media format has surpassed youtube, google+, linkedin -
>> and is now number 3 in usage under facebook and twitter (not sure which one
>> of the latter is first).
>> Terminology - PINS are images that you post on your BOARDS - like you
>> would post picture cards on an office bulletin board.  The thing is that
>> pins can be linked to a landing page, folks can 'REPIN' your pin (with its
>> image and links) to their own Boards.  They can 'like', 'comment', REPIN.
>> I can imagine ways that this could be used - for instance a separate BOARD
>> for Writer,Draw, etc.  Each board could have its own tutorial 'pin' with a
>> link to the respective landing page.  Their could be a board for the
>> history, another for people behind the scenes, the imagination can go on -
>> the webinar suggested using up to 32 boards, but you can have more. Each
>> board displays 5 pins. Look at General Electrics site (
>> notice how the images on their boards
>> entice people to look around and create a bold statement (especially the
>> first board). Another idea would be to reward those that contribute to
>> openoffice by placing a 'I helped too' kind of board, people could repin
>> their award on their own boards and their friends could see what they have
>> been up to.
>> Because this is increasing in popularity, and a great way to spread
>> branding, I suggest reserving the openoffice username even if no one plans
>> to use Pinterest yet.  Starbucks ( reserved
>> their name, but does not use it yet.
>> I have just signed up to use pinterest, and have not added anything to my
>> boards yet. I do not know the way to get analytics yet, still reading about
>> it, but the webinar mentioned this is available, as well as tracking
>> keywords that are working for the competitors. So far it is by invitation
>> from another pinterest user to set up an account.
>> By the way, check out /microsoft - everyone is starting out, it seems.
>> Nancy
>>       Nancy      Web Design
>> Free 24 hour pass to
>> Video courses on SEO, CMS,
>> Design and Software Courses
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