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From eric b <>
Subject Re: issue 116680
Date Tue, 03 Apr 2012 05:34:01 GMT
Hi Simon,

I'm not Pedro, sorry  ;-)

Le 2 avr. 12 à 23:32, Simon Brouwer a écrit :
>> I updated your patches and put them together in BZ 116680.
>> I did some small adjustments but I haven't tested it, as happens  
>> with everything in OpenOffice, it takes quite a while to build and  
>> test this type of stuff.
> Are you referring to attachment 77407 that you added to the issue?

> I am willing to try building AOO with this patch applied, and test  
> it, if that would help.

To apply the patch, put it on top of "main" subdir , then open a  
terminal , change directory in main, and type :

patch --dry-run -p0 < hunspell_1.3.1.diff

--dry-run fakes the patch application, and shows whether something  
fails (avoid creating .rej files and garbage in the set)

If no problem occurs on the screen (do CTRL +C if e.g. some file is  
not found), then apply it for true :

patch  -p0 < hunspell_1.3.1.diff

Nevertheless, the patch will perhaps not work "as it" : as I wrote  
you'll have to modify it a little :

1) change directory in hunspell

cd main/hunspell

2) with your favorite editor, add the md5sum of the file Pedro  
mentionned, in the file

If pedro provided the right md5sum, it should be a line like :


3) the last part is the fils containing the list of archives to be  
downloaded. You must add the line, to say the hunspell-1.3.1.tar.gz  
archive must be downloaded at bootstrap

And it should work at the end.

I'll try to make some cleanup on my disk, and to find some time to  
propose a working patch asap.

> Although I have no recent experience building the software, I have  
> successfully built OOo in the past.

That's great :-)  Which OS do you use for the build ?


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