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From Herbert Duerr <>
Subject Re: After AOO 3.4?
Date Mon, 30 Apr 2012 13:00:31 GMT
>> I don't think so, I would do it exactly in the other direction. Fixes for critical
issues or issues that are assigned for a 3.4.1 should be fixed on the related stable branch
and also merged into trunk.


> I thought Armin ran into some performance-related issues with merging.
>   Do we know what direction that was, and what we need to do to avoid
> this problem in the future?

The performance problem happened when committing a branch that was 
rebased to a revision which contained a massive cleanup regarding the 
executable flags of the files contained in the AOO repository. To SVN 
the commit almost looked like the import of a massive code base since so 
many files were touched by the cleanup.

I don't think the approach to do critical fixes on the release branch 
and merging them into trunk will ever trigger such a scenario as above.


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