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From "Marcus (OOo)" <>
Subject Re: [RELEASE] new DL test...needs review and comments, and probably correction
Date Fri, 27 Apr 2012 21:20:19 GMT
Am 04/27/2012 01:40 AM, schrieb Kay Schenk:
> Please take a look at and give feedback on a test page for the new
> /download/index.html page at:
> Yes, it's a bit strange with lots of nonsense at the top that I wanted
> you to see, but will of course go away in production.
> Basically, choosing the DL site -- Apache or SourceForge (as I believe
> we agree on for 3.3) is based on selection option #1, so I wanted you to
> see the results of that. If do a bunch of reloads --<shift> + browser
> reload button -- you may eventually see changes to the outcome.
> Right now this is setup with 75% to Apache, 25% to SourceForge.

I don't know if it's just me but I also get a layer message with:
"New mirror:"

Is this intended? Wouldn't it be better to show it directly on the webpage?

So, we concentrate on the point #1 and let #2 and #3 beside for the 
moment/the coming release, right?

> OK, way down below, you will see the normal generated big green DL
> button. Of course the link will not work (but oddly Apache is very nice
> and gives us a page to select from at the outset anyway), but you'll
> observe the link for the chosen DL site.

Yes, the variation works for me.

> Other things to note:
> * the DL links assume the current location of
> "/files/stable/VERSION/..." from the top of DL URL area. IF this is not
> the case for Apache, please let me know
> * Joe Schaefer said via e-mail that we couldn't use the normal closer.cgi
> for this and I needed to consult with infra on this which I have NOT
> done yet, so things may change a bit. I hope not drastically
> * if we DO use closer.cgi as per usual for Apache mirrors, I am fairly
> certain the target="_blank" to open up the actual DL will not work as
> what we are doing is running a script, and not really opening up a page
> directly
> * didn't even try the redirect to "contribute.html" do to above
> consideration with closer.cgi

It seems Roberto can help here, too. See his post in the other thread.

> * I will be modifying the option area to allow folks to get to the
> current other.html for 3.3 (all from MirroBrain as recently agreed on)
> and maybe a link on that to OOo older archives.

I will also handle this with my separation task. So, lets see how this 
will fit together.

> * I did quite an edit job on the old languages.js.
> See revision at:

To keep the overview I would suggest to put all needed languages for AOO 
3.4 on top and move these that were not needed to the bottom and keep 
commented out.

> OK, I guess that's enough for now I guess.
> My time will be limited on doing much more on this until Sunday. But
> PLEASE join in to help with this effort if you can! I'm sure we've got
> some JS wonks out there!

Thanks for your work. I promise to offer help were I can and when my 
spare time allows. :-)


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