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From Jürgen Schmidt <>
Subject Re: Release Apache OpenOffice 3.4 (incubating) RC1
Date Tue, 24 Apr 2012 23:31:04 GMT
On 4/25/12 12:02 AM, Herbert Duerr wrote:
> On 24.04.2012 16:55, Risto Jääskeläinen wrote:
>> See: Thread: Fix for bug 116639 almost
> I don't think that 116639 was the root cause. Looking at the problematic
> string in the screenshot you provided at
> the reason was simply a strange translation of what is named "Comments",
> "Kommentare", "Comentarios", "Commenti", etc. in other languages.
> In the Finnish localization as of AOO340_rc1 it reads:
> "Kun tämä valinta on tehty, ohjelman lisäämät tyhjät sivut tulostetaan.
> Tämä on tarpeen, kun tulostetaan kaksipuoleisesti. Esimerkiksi kirjassa
> \"luku\"-kappaletyyli on määritelty alkavaksi aina parittomalta sivulta.
> Jos edellinen luku päättyy parittomalle sivulle, %PRODUCTNAME lisää
> parillisen tyhjän sivun. Tämä valinta ohjaa mainitun parillisen sivun
> tulostusta."
> which is defined in the "STR_PRINTOPTUI 18" line of
> Getting such a long string into a poor little dialog is does of course
> cause some trouble.
>>>> [...] Bug is fixed in
>>>> Pootle but correct translation is not yet in publshed package.
> The other translations for the other STR_PRINTOPTUI lines in the finnish
> localize.sdf were also a bit long. Have they been fixed too?
>  >>> I am sorry if this is not correct way of voting
> I'd like to extend that question by asking (e.g. the mentors) if it
> should be possible to split the voting in such situations, so that e.g.
> individual localization could vote for a different revision? Is a
> staggered release process allowed?
> Otherwise there would be a inherent scalability problem in the release
> process of such a huge multi-platform and multi-language application
> targeted at end users: if one problematic localization could reset the
> work of everyone else then this would be a recipe for a lot of
> frustration, as building, distributing, announcing and especially
> testing of a new revision is a huge effort and a lot of people are
> involved.

I agree in general and it would be good to have more flexibility here. 
But in this case we will simply not release Finnish and will move it in 
the next micro release.

It was somewhat special for this release because we have underestimate 
the effort around the pootle server because the lack of knowledge and 
too many other things to do.


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