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From "Marcus (OOo)" <>
Subject Re: [WWW] two questions about DL button on home page...
Date Tue, 24 Apr 2012 20:05:07 GMT
Am 04/24/2012 07:54 PM, schrieb Kay Schenk:
> Hi all--
> Right now, when I click on "I want to download OpenOffice", I don't the
> expanded green button I was getting last week, for example. I had made some
> changes to this a week or so ago, but the changes that I incorporated, and
> the green button itself were just fine after that. I think my current
> experience may be due to a problem with getting the mirror link but I need
> to confirm this in a bit.
> So, question #1.
> I would like someone else to try this and let the list know what your
> results are -- are you getting the expanded green button or being shuttled
> to /download/index.html instead?
> Question #2. If you're not getting the DL button, or even if you are, how
> strongly do you feel about having  the expanding button, or would  just a
> jump  to /download/index.html be just as good?
> I know there was a LOT of discussion when this design first emerged, but,
> it would much much easier for changes in DL code -- Rob's proposal  for
> unification of yesterday for instance -- if we could just dump this
> "internal" DL button on the home page. Yes, the buttons are the same to the
> eye anyway on both the main index.html page and /download/index.html but
> the html implementation is different, different enough that both these
> areas need to be changed when changes are needed. Additionally, dumping the
> "generated" button on the home page would allow us to standardize more
> easily on incorporating the DL button  -- the code used on
> /download/index.html -- on other pages like the NL pages.
> Thanks for looking at this and responding.

It seems Rob's last commit (r1329501 - "Remove unneeded GA code") has 
removed accidently also the toggle mode for the download button. This is 
done via JavaScript, too.

I've repaired it as the expanded donwload button is IMHO a nice feature.


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