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From Guenter Marxen <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Re: [VOTE] Release Apache OpenOffice 3.4 (incubating) RC1
Date Tue, 24 Apr 2012 17:33:26 GMT

I'm a longtime user of StarOffice and OpenOffice and participated many 
years in and in testing OOo and will continue this 
with AOO.

Am 23.04.2012 16:09, schrieb Juergen Schmidt:
>> The download page should at least mention that this installation set
>> will replace a former installation of 3.
> What do you think people will expect when they download the software from
When you know the answer you will have probably the answer to your suggestion ;-)
> Juergen

As I somtimes write books (f.e. manuals for OOo) with hundreds of pages, 
images (screenshots etc.) and links, as a user I expect, that I can 
retain the old version and test the new one until I'm shure, that I can 
safely continue my work with the new version. (You know: "what's new in 
the new version? New bugs!")

When the "feature" to replace the old version in any case was introduced 
(IIRC with OOo 2) I had a long discussion in, but 
the bad decision (IMO) was not corrected.

Nobody who is working on large documents can risk to change his writing 
tool. They will not replace f.e. OOo 3.3 with OOo 3.4 and so much 
intensive testing will not take place.

OOo installing with param "-a" or "/a" was a means to use a new version 
(without system integration on Windows) parallel to the old.

I hope that this is also possible with OOo 3.4 and later with AOO 4. Can 
anybody confirm this?


G√ľnter Marxen

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