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From J├╝rgen Schmidt <>
Subject Re: RC Readmes point to Wiki ML Page that needs Update
Date Tue, 24 Apr 2012 07:26:48 GMT
On 4/24/12 5:44 AM, Rob Weir wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 23, 2012 at 5:07 PM, Dennis E. Hamilton
> <>  wrote:
>> I did some double-checking of RC1 and updated<>.
>> The most interesting aspect is that there are a total of six readme copies in the
install; the only NOTICE and LICENSE files are in an obscure place.  Here is the layout:
>> 3\
>>       readme.html
>>       readme.txt
>>       readmes\
>>           readme_en-US.html
>>           readme_en-US.txt
>>       share\
>>           readme\
>>               LICENSE.txt
>>               NOTICE.txt
>>               readme_en-US.html
>>               readme_en-US.txt
>> The readme files appear to be identical.  They also seem to be identical to the ones
in the previous developer snapshots.

the duplication is a result of the damn 3 layer office structure that we 
should definitely eliminate in the future.

The NOTICE and LICENSE files should probably go in the program directory.

>> There are some differences in the web-site locations being referenced, but it is
still very confusing.  Most of the readme information is irrelevant to what needs to be known
about the specific release.
> Even if the information were relevant, the files themselves would be
> irrelevant.
> Let's be realistic, no end user goes spelunking through their file
> system looking for readme files in their Program Files directory.  The
> fact that Apache release requirements merely requires that we stick
> the readme file in the binary package shows that they are not fully
> thinking through what end-user software is.   That's fine.  We'll
> teach them ;-)
> The only way an end user will see a readme file is if we either:
> 1) Load it automatically into OpenOffice Writer the first time it launches,
> or
> 2) Link to it from an item under the Help menu.
> or
> 3) Add a link to it in the program's folder
> I'd suggest we take one of the above approaches in AOO 4.0.  Note that
> this approach would require translation as well.

Indeed and we have already some ideas how to make theses files available.

> -Rob
>> I could not find where in the SVN these files reside.

as I mentioned before these files are generated during the build process 
and you have to understand the used format.

The source is in readlicense_oo/docs/readme/readme.xrm. I would suggest 
that we define first how we want handle it in the future. And a 
translated version of the README is from my perspective a very useful.


>>   - Dennis
>> -----Original Message-----
>> From: Juergen Schmidt []
>> Sent: Sunday, April 22, 2012 17:16
>> To:;
>> Subject: Re: RC Readmes point to Wiki ML Page that needs Update
>> On Monday, 23. April 2012 at 07:37, Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:
>>> I did a complete QA read-through and link check on the r1309668 Windows Readme,
>>> <>. I haven't checked
the one in RC1 yet.
>>> I saw a lot to clean up.
>> That is nothing new and we already have discussed that the readme has to be reworked
completely. But it is more work and the readme for the binaries are different to the one in
the src release.
>> It contains also platform dependent content and I think that can make sense to point
on platform dependent stuff. The intention here is and was to make it more and better readable.
>> But anyway the work needs to be done by somebody. If somebody is volunteering here
I can help to find the right places.
>> I would move this cleanup work to the next version because it requires translation
>> Juergen
>>> The easiest solution would be to cut back the readme to have only essential information
that is important to have there, with only a couple of links to related material.
>>> The problem with target links at is that many of those have been
turned into compendium pages, so you have to hunt for the information the readme is saying
will be found there. The net effect is to make it too much work for the users.
>>> - Dennis
>>> -----Original Message-----
>>> From: Dave Fisher []
>>> Sent: Sunday, April 22, 2012 14:03
>>> To:
>>> Subject: Re: RC Readmes point to Wiki ML Page that needs Update
>>> On Apr 22, 2012, at 1:54 PM, drew wrote:
>>>> On Sun, 2012-04-22 at 16:41 -0400, TJ Frazier wrote:
>>>>> On 4/22/2012 15:31, Dave Fisher wrote:
>>>>>> Hi -
>>>>>> While evaluating the RC, I reviewed the MacOSX Readme file. This
points to the old OOo wiki page[1] with OOo MLs:
>>>>>> Would someone please update this page?
>>>>>> Regards,
>>>>>> Dave
>>>>>> [1]
>>>>> Hi, Dave,
>>>>> I fixed the sub-unsub links, but (sorry to admit it) I don't know enough
>>>>> to provide the archive link(s). I'd really like to say something like,
>>>>> "The ooo-users ML is archived at "[LINK]". The former
>>>>> is archived at "[LINK2]"." If I knew what to say ...
>>>> Hi tj
>>>> Was thinking the same thing, I think I'll set it up as a table with
>>>> live links | Active Archive(s) asf, markmail | Inactive Archive(s) markmail,
>>>> It won't take long to do the languages we have currently. With a section
>>>> referring, as custom, others to the en lists.
>>>> Near what you were thinking of also?
>>> That would work. Then we build a redirection to handle the legacy*
>>> So the table can be a separate page.
>>> Regards,
>>> Dave
>>>> //drew

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