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From Kay Schenk <>
Subject Re: Unifying download logic, especially from NL pages?
Date Mon, 23 Apr 2012 16:15:56 GMT

On 04/22/2012 02:22 PM, Rob Weir wrote:
> The vast majority of our downloads come from one of three pages:

I offer a bit of historical perspective on these for what it's worth:

> 1)
-- the latest friendly action oriented page that grew out from the 
revised...(I can get everything I want from the home page.)

> 2)
-- penultimate download page from a Download link. Incorporates same 
logic as DL button on home page. (One page click to DL)

> 3)
-- basically the original, original, download page which also 
incorproated information that couldn't be fit elsewhere. The user 
explicitly chooses the download without js logic assistance

> These three pages currently forward download requests to SourceForge.
> There are other places on the website that do other things.  For
> example,  the Dutch and Norwegian pages point directly to MirrorBrain
> downloads:
> (There may be others as well, but I noticed those three)
> Other ML pages do other things.  For example, the German page just
> points to, where the user is given the English
> install instructions:
> The French page manages its own download page that directs to
>, which uses MirrorBrain:
> To put it kindly, the logic here is sub-optimally factored.
> Is there anything we can do to improve on this?
> For example, imagine if we had either a Javascript function or REST
> API that allowed things like this:
> download(product,language, platform, version)
> Like:
> download("aoo","en_us","win32","3.4.0")
> or
> download("sdk","","","latest")   (We could allow "latest" as a
> psedu-version number so most NL pages can code their download logic
> once and not need to update it when a new release comes out.  We
> centralize the logic of what is the "latest" version for a particular
> language in one place)
> As a REST API the same could look like this:
> Does this make sense to anyone? your concern about "policy" -- what pages can link to what 
download area, or
implementation --- how is the appropriate download determined

Could you elaborate a bit more?

  It all about avoiding have the
> website make too many assumptions about release file names, mirror
> infrastructure and other implementation details of the download
> delivery process.

So who or what would make those assumptions instead?

  Instead we should have a centralized place where
> that logic lives, so it can be maintained in one place, debugged in
> one place, and when we have a new release, updated in one place.
> -Rob


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