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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: [RELEASE] Planning QA activities
Date Mon, 16 Apr 2012 06:56:52 GMT
On 16/04/2012 xia zhao wrote:
> 2012/4/16 Andrea Pescetti
>> Sure, and it was great work. But those tests were run on versions that are
>> now quite outdated. Example: the spell check test asks you to verify that
>> no spell check is available and that dictionaries have been removed
>> accurately, while we all know that things are quite different in current
>> builds.
> How do you means "tests were run on versions that are now quite outdated"? has several 
testcases that would only apply to older builds (like: testing removal 
of dictionaries, but these are now bundled; testing removal of fonts, 
but these are now replaced; testing removal of HTTP features, but in the 
meantime those have been replaced too).

>> 1) Full QA is run on what we release. We need to ensure that OpenOffice
>> works now, not that previous builds worked.
>     Agree if the "Full" here means  test matrix on full platforms and full
> langauges. The "OpenOffice" you means here I understand is AOO. For AOO,
> the problem is we lost manual test cases

I wouldn't despair that we get them back at some point: as I wrote a 
long time ago, it would be enough to receive the test cases, the 
infrastructure for running them can be replaced.


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