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From Pedro Giffuni <>
Subject Re: Cannot select a different icon set
Date Mon, 16 Apr 2012 05:18:13 GMT
On 04/15/12 23:08, Ariel Constenla-Haile wrote:
> Hi Pedro,
> On Sun, Apr 15, 2012 at 09:47:30PM -0500, Pedro Giffuni wrote:
>> On 04/15/12 21:06, Ariel Constenla-Haile wrote:
>>>> ...
>>>> I committed the fix (I had a blackout between the commit and the moment
>>>> I did the followup on BZ). Hope you don't mind
>>> As far as you built and tested the fix before committing it, I don't
>>> mind :)
>> Actually .. the fix that I committed (removing STYLE_SYMBOLS_TANGO)
>> is necessary but is only a part of the issue.
>> Please note that the .sdf files still carry Tango as a valid Icon Style:
> @Jürgen: aren't we in "translation freeze" mode?

I  am not Jürgen but the idea is indeed to leave them as they are now.
>> # grep Tango *
>> cui     source\options\optgdlg.src      0       stringlist
>> OFA_TP_VIEW.LB_ICONSTYLE        5                       0       es
>> Tango                           20120314 15:13:33
> That is
> and I don't see<  "Tango" ;>  ; there.

Yes, those were removed in revision 1303543 and if your follow BZ 119096
referred to in that commit, I did note on 2012-03-21:

"This may have some (minor) consequence for translations since
Tango is not an option anymore."

So the issue is known since a long time; unfortunately the snapshot
Jürgen used was done exactly before that commit (I think on the
same day).

Adjusting the numbers in vcl/settings/vcl/settings.hxx at least
avoids having an inconsistent state for the time being, and on
the next merge from Pootle things will settle up just fine. I
don't think the issue is a release stopper anymore.

> IMHO we shouldn't remove anything, on the contrary we should revert all
> changes: the list of icon styles is filled in the constructor of
> OfaViewTabPage. Ultimately, the existence of an icon set is checked on
> bool ImplImageTree::checkStyle(rtl::OUString const&  style) so that
> non-existent icon styles are removed from the list box.
> IMO we should keep all the list as it was before, with all icon styles,
> so that the user can install by herself/himself the ones AOO can't ship
> due to license issues.
> This means reverting changes in
> ::rtl::OUString StyleSettings::ImplSymbolsStyleToName( sal_uLong nStyle ) const
> sal_uLong StyleSettings::ImplNameToSymbolsStyle( const ::rtl::OUString&rName ) const
> sal_uLong StyleSettings::GetAutoSymbolsStyle() const
> and some other places.

That is not a bad idea, but still that would mean changing again the menus
to bring back the Crystal icons, which would not be there by default. At the
very least the crystal and Tango icons should be left towards the end of the
list and not in the middle as they were originally.

I don't have any strong opinion but I have already done too many
changes already in this "stabilization phase". :(

FWIW, it looks like the oxygen icons were never really used and had the
most aggressive licensing of all so I think we can live without them but
it would certainly be nice to bring Crystal and Tango back by default.


PS. I forgot a part of the commit so it's now in r1326484.

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