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From Jürgen Schmidt <>
Subject Re: [RELEASE]: showstopper Bug 119215 - save operation fail and prompt continuing to save endlessly on r1309668-Chinese China (zh-CN) version
Date Fri, 13 Apr 2012 09:54:15 GMT
On 4/12/12 4:53 PM, Jürgen Schmidt wrote:
> On 4/12/12 11:43 AM, Jürgen Schmidt wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I was just short in front of starting the vote for our RC after
>> uploading a new Windows version based on r1310206 to have the same
>> version on all platforms.
>> But we have found a further serious issue that is definitely a
>> showstopper
>> Bug 119215 - save operation fail and prompt continuing to save endlessly
>> on r1309668-Chinese China (zh-CN) version
>> I was able to confirm it for pt-Br on MacOS. We have to analyze this
>> problem. It seems to be a relation with partly wrong/missing
>> translations and the save problem that we didn't understand right now.
>> Both pr-Br and zh-CN versions have the problem with a partly wrong
>> translation, at least some menu items are still English and in both
>> versions saving of a new document is not possible.
>> Maybe other languages are effected as well...
>> I will keep you informed!
>> Juergen
> I believe that I have found the problem. I have to built now again over
> night to verify it. I will keep you informed...
> We use language id's like pt-BR, zh-CN, ... and on the pootle server
> they are pt_BR, zh_CN. That seems to be a problem that for all languages
> with a "-" the localize.sdf file contains "_" and the conversion into
> xcu files doesn't understand both and generated nothing. Well I am
> guessing right now only because it is late in China and I still have
> some Jet lag but the built is running and I will see the result tomorrow
> morning.
> Hopefully that will fix the problem and we can move on with our RC ;-)
> Good night
> Juergen
> PS: I am not sure if it can be changed on pootle, I have to check it.
> Otherwise we have to convert it on fly before we check the sdf files.

Here a short update on the topic. My fix solve the problem and also 
solve the translation problem that Claudio pointed out before for pt-BR.

I am already building MacOS based on revision 1325589 and I would like 
to propose this one now for our first RC. And Oliver is building Windows.

@Ariel: I hope you are also able to build the linux packages soon and 
sorry that this further showstopper comes up. For the future we should 
work on a build bot solution that builds the binary releases with our 
preferred configuration and on our defined base Linux version. And the 
same for windows and Mac if possible.
You should only provide full install sets for now, no language packs.


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