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From Andre Fischer>
Subject Re: Question about OOo, AOO
Date Wed, 11 Apr 2012 01:38:00 GMT
Hi Nikolay,

On 11.04.2012 02:02, Ochirov Nikolay wrote:
> Thank you very much, Regina!
> I just noticed that the AOO open all documents in one process, it became
> interesting.
> But I would like to write code that would do so would AOO every single
> document open in a single process)))
> I began to look as it does AOO, found the function OfficeIPCThread ::
> EnableOfficeIPCThread (), changed code a bit.

Hm, you are talking about running AOO in different processes not 
threads, right?  Both approaches pose different difficulties.

Using multiple threads (which we do to some small extend) would require 
our base libraries do be thread safe.  Which they are not as far as I know.

Using different processes might lead to all dlls loaded several times 
(from the top of my head I don´t know if they can be shared over process 
boundaries) and thereby multiplying our memory consumption.


> But it didn't work -  first document is opened, while others will not open.
> AOO gives a messgebox
>                   The application cannot be started.
>                   [context = "user"] caught unexpected exception! (user - my
> account in system, system - Ubuntu)
> I have no much experience in this question in particular and programming in
> general. If anyone will be willing to help with this - I will be very
> happy!
> Regards,
> Nikolay
> 10 апреля 2012 г. 21:09 пользователь Regina Henschel<
>>  написал:
>> Hi Nikolay,
>> Ochirov Nikolay schrieb:
>>> Hello!
>>> I hope I haven't t bothered with my questions.
>>> But I don't have anyone to ask for advice, so I rely on your wisdom,
>>> the Jedi of this mailing list
>>> So,
>>> Why AOO all documents open in a single process?
>>> Has anyone tried to make AOO open documents in different processes?
>> Why do you want to do it?
>> This things are possible:
>> Generate a folder for a second user. Call AOO with the -env parameter. You
>> get one process, but two different users. For example one user can use a
>> German UI and the other user can use an English UI.
>> Install the AOO in administrative mode with setting a different user path
> on
>> bootstrap.ini. Then you can run two processes soffice.exe.
>> If a user starts soffice.exe he gets a .lock file in his user directory,
>> which prevents, that soffice.exe is started a second time for the same
> user.
>> Kind regards
>> Regina

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