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From Regina Henschel <>
Subject Re: Question about OOo, AOO
Date Tue, 10 Apr 2012 17:09:45 GMT
Hi Nikolay,

Ochirov Nikolay schrieb:
> Hello!
> I hope I haven't t bothered with my questions.
> But I don't have anyone to ask for advice, so I rely on your wisdom,
> the Jedi of this mailing list
> So,
> Why AOO all documents open in a single process?
> Has anyone tried to make AOO open documents in different processes?

Why do you want to do it?

This things are possible:

Generate a folder for a second user. Call AOO with the -env parameter. 
You get one process, but two different users. For example one user can 
use a German UI and the other user can use an English UI.

Install the AOO in administrative mode with setting a different user 
path on bootstrap.ini. Then you can run two processes soffice.exe.

If a user starts soffice.exe he gets a .lock file in his user directory, 
which prevents, that soffice.exe is started a second time for the same user.

Kind regards

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