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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Cannot select a different icon set
Date Mon, 09 Apr 2012 22:59:29 GMT
While trying to verify if an old problem (i.e., Crystal still listed in 
the icon sets, see ) was still around - and 
honestly I expected it was, because my investigation at the time seemed 
to show that localizing names in icon sets depended on the order, i.e., 
you didn't translate "Crystal" but something like "icon set #4" - I 
found an issue worth investigating.

On my latest dev build (Ariel's r1310206, 64-bit RPM, Italian) I cannot 
change the icon set used. Whatever I choose in Tools - Options - View, 
the default icon style is set to "Automatico ()" and while 4 options to 
change it are listed (Galaxy, Contrasto Elevato - High Contrast, 
Industrial, Tango) neither of them produces any visible effect.

If reproducible, this would be a high-priority issue, especially 
considering that the high-contrast icon set (albeit suboptimal) is 
currently used for accessibility reasons too. But, before I open an 
issue for it, can anybody confirm? (It may be normal that behavior on 
Windows is different).


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