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From Regina Henschel <>
Subject Re: Maybe stupid questions and summary of my comments (fwd)
Date Sat, 07 Apr 2012 12:50:26 GMT
Hi Hannu,

Hannu Puhakka schrieb:
> Hi OpenOffice developers
> I joined this list a day ago.

You are welcome.

  I am not familiar with your groups and not
> sure if I am on the right list at all. Maybe someone can comment.

This list is for developing Apache OpenOffice itself, for generating 
help content in form of websites and tutorials, for discussions about 
infrastructure, and building a community in general.
See for an 
overview of the mailing lists.

> I am using oof OOO330m20 (Build: 9567).  I have heard rumors that there
> are several OpenOffice projects - no idea what they might be and what to
> use - that my version is "created by Oracle".

Yes, one of them is this Apache OpenOffice, which is incubation and will 
become a full Apache project hopefully soon. Another project with the 
same code basis is LibreOffice. Common aim is to provide an office suite 
for the Open Document Format (ODF). Searching with this keywords you 
will find a lot of informations, from several point of view.

> I am running a small software company in Finland and used normally
> MsOffice for presentations, sheets and documents. Because of HW crash I
> now started to manage by OpenOffice. Then I have got some problems and
> ideas to improve OpenOffice. I suppose I myself do not have resources
> for programming OpenOffice.

Programming is not the only way to contribute. Very important are 
translations and user support too.

> Where should I send my comments?

You should start on a user maling list or forum. Often the problem is 
not, that a feature doesn't exist but that the way to use it is 
different from Microsoft Office.

> Where is the database to check if my comments have already been handled?

Enhancement requests are collected in Bugzilla although Bugzilla is 
mainly a tool for bug reports.

> What version I should use to be useful with my comments?

You should test the most actual version, currently found on
But you should not use this version in productive content.

> How should I title my comments?

As informative as possible. In mailing list tagging might be useful, on 
forum you have categories.

> Some of my comments:
> 1) bug: / Impress: I insert a new slide. I click a text element and
> change the text size from default 32 to 22 (rigth click on the frame and
> choose Character size 22). If I move the mouse on the first text row to
> start writing, but do not write even a letter and THEN I select the
> frame, font size will be changed again 32 although the character size
> shows 22. I have to change the size to maybe 15 and back to 22 to be
> able to continue.

I'm not very familiar with Impress. But as a general rule, you have to 
distinguish between directly formatting an object or using styles, and 
you have to look carefully which object you are formatting.

> 2)improvement / Impress /Writer: Changing of picture size by mouse is
> very annoying. If you have inserted a picture from file into your
> presentation or document, you in 96 % of the cases need to modify the
> size - smaller or bigger. And 99% of those cases you expect that the
> picture should keep the original shape - it meens to "Keep ratio"!!!
> But now in Open Office when you resize the image, it never keeps the
> ratio - even if the "Keep ratio" checkbox is checked. I suppose this
> feature has been five years. If I do not work properly, still the
> feature should be changed because nobody cannot understand. See the
> attachments "keep_ratio.jpg","resize.jpg".

That is a very common misunderstanding of "keep ratio". "keep ratio" is 
a checkbox that helps entering values in that dialog, so that you need 
not to calculate the width by yourself when you alter the height, but it 
is automatically calculated. It is not a property of the picture.

To drag with keeping ratio hold down the Shift key while dragging.

You see, this is a typical kind of suggestion you should discuss in a 
user mailing list or forum before entering it in Bugzilla.

> 3) bug: / Impress: "Text" area. Many times when I try to insert a new
> line on my list pressing "Enter", the application do not add a new line,
> instead tries to continue writing the same line and the letters appear
> at the same character at the end of the line. I can fix it by selection
> another text area and after that coming back. The problems appears many
> times a day, not for every text area. See the attachment
> "open_office_text_area.jpg".

There is no attachment and it is no good idea to sent an attachment to 
the mailing list. It will be distributed to hundreds subscribers. Some 
of them have no flat rate or have small bandwidth. Provide a download 
link for pictures instead.

That kind would be a candidate for a bug report. But please before 
submitting such bug report discuss in user mailing list or forum, 
whether it is really a bug and not only an user error and search 
Bugzilla whether the problem is already reported.

> 4) development proposal: Every open office program should have on the
> Help menu two selections: "Send a bug report", "Send a development
> proposal" which should order a link where you could send your comments
> with automatic information of the version you used.

For such discussions this mailing list might be correct. But to keep a 
high volume mailing list working it is needed, that threads cover only 
one subject. So a new thread with only that topic would be better.

Kind regards

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