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From Pedro Giffuni <>
Subject Re: [EXTENSIONS]Alternative for Report Builder?
Date Thu, 05 Apr 2012 06:48:35 GMT
On 04/05/12 00:59, drew wrote:
> ...
>>> No not really. The problem are the dependent libs as already pointed out. There
is no or no easy replacement for this external stuff that is license compatible. Not nice
and we would love to have alternatives ...
>>> If volunteers will provide an alternative implementation that would be Apache
compatible then we will continue the support and include it as bundled extensions.
>> The pdfimport could use pdfbox, however my understanding is that even with
>> a replacement the feature was not really complete without OCR
>> capabilities, (yes
>> tesseract) but well.. it involves real work(TM).
> Hi Pedro,
> Point taken - It is not that there are any known issues, or breakages,
> only that no person has taken the step of building and pushing to the
> group for testing - is that the most accurate understanding?

Yes, I think that we will eventually get to it when we find time to
think out of release mode. Most of the few things that we did
lose will need a new home, just like happened with dmake
(which is really crappy but was much more necessary than
Pentaho or pdfimport).


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