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From J├╝rgen Schmidt <>
Subject Re: Looking to get involved
Date Wed, 04 Apr 2012 12:50:50 GMT
On 4/4/12 2:25 PM, Ian wrote:
> Hi People,
> not sure if this is the correct place to raise my head, but I have been
> lurking here for a week or so now with a view to getting involved. Like
> everyone I am not sure how much time I really have.
> My background is that of a software developer for some twenty plus years
> (currently employed by the same institution as Rob, but on the other side
> of the world, in Australia).
> I'll skip the resume etc. I figure people are more interested in getting
> things done.
> I have been looking around at the get involved links. They are very
> misleading and take you to places that look like they have not been updated
> for many years.
> like ,,, which is
> from the page. I'm sure I saw
> cobwebs in the corners there.
> (A review of the potential new developers interface may be needed?)
> Anyway, I'm sure I will find my way around eventually. All guidance
> gratefully accepted.
> I don't understand what if anything someone needs to do to join the gang.
> Are there any weird initiations, gotta get the new logo tatoo? :-)
> I am particularly interested in developer testing frameworks (still trying
> to figure out why).
> And langauge parsers/compilers.
> I am also a new Master's student (must have lost my mind somewhere) and
> wondered if I could combine helping here and also using some of the
> knowledge gained as part of my thesis.
> Not sure what the rules are re IP etc.
> Hope to hear back from someone. Email directly, Don't bother clogging up
> this mail list.

Hi Ian,

welcome on board and fun here ;-)

Testing frameworks sounds interesting and there is some work ongoing to 
replace our old test automation tool with something new. A Java based 
framework to run automated GUI tests etc.
We have also some test framework for running unit tests during the build 
process. We would like to cover more and more stuff by unit test but 
that is not so easy in such a huge application. Often the context of a 
running office is required. But anyway there was work ongoing in the 
past and we should continue it to improve the overall quality and to 
make it easy detect regressions.

I think both areas can benefit from some help.


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