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From Jürgen Schmidt <>
Subject Re: [RELEASE]: status update and plan
Date Tue, 03 Apr 2012 17:23:57 GMT
On 4/2/12 1:31 PM, Jürgen Schmidt wrote:
> Hi,
> I would like to give short update where we are and how I would like to
> move forward.
> A detailed QA report was sent by Lily already. Thanks for that
> Showstopper Issues:
> - Bug 119098 - check/adapt license header based on RAT output and SGA
> Work in progress, we have 68 files left that are part of the SGA and we
> are working on these files. Either we add a license or include them in
> the exclude list with an appropriate comment.
> - Bug 119113 - bundled dictionaries are not available when upgrading OOo
> 3.3
> Fix in place that will be tested right now
> We are working on this and we are working to update the existing files
> for the src releasse. And we create NOTICE/LICENSE snippets that will be
> added to the src NOTICE/LICENSE file for our binaries.
> A new issue will be created for this.
> Plan is to have everything in place until tomorrow.
> Translation
> We take the updated translations from Pootle (or from issues) and
> convert them back into sdf files and integrate them in the svn. Already
> done for "es". External provided po files will be updated on Pootle as
> well (as already done for Finnish, thanks Risto for the update)
> This should be also finished tomorrow so that we can start a RC build
> immediately after everything is in place.
> I hope we can deliver a nice Easter egg for all of us and especially for
> our users ;-)

ok some more problems came up and should be solved now. Hopefully the 
RAT output becomes clean with the latest patches.

I have updated the languages that are available on Pootle. External 
received po files are synced in Pootle as well.

When the build bot tonight will succeed and my local test build with the 
languages "en-US ar de cs fr es gl it ja zh-CN pt-BR nl hu ru zh-TW fi" 
will succeed as well, we can start a new build tomorrow.

Ok when I am able to check in the files, currently svn is not talking 
with me :-(

More info tomorrow ...

Anyway this build is intended to become our first RC. But before we 
start voting we should take a closer look on it.

Translation coverage:
ar	Arabic		95%	1%
cs	Czech		99%	91%
de	German		98%	97%
es	Spanish		100%	100%
fi	Finnish		100%	97%
fr	French		100%	100%
gl	Galician		98%	55%
hu	Hungarian		100%	98%
it	Italian		99%	100%
ja	Japanese		97%	97%
nl	Dutch		100%	99%
pt_BR	Portuguese Brazil		100%	97%
ru	Russian		99%	97%
zh_TW	Chinese (China)		99%	99%
zh-CN	Chinese (Taiwan)		98%	98%


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