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From Oliver-Rainer Wittmann <>
Subject Re: writer: question ad defining a relative font-size for a "character style" that works in all "paragraph styles"
Date Tue, 03 Apr 2012 14:26:36 GMT

On 03.04.2012 15:35, Rony G. Flatscher (Apache) wrote:
> If this is the wrong e-mail list for user-questions, then please advise which one would
be the
> correct one.
> ---
> Maybe someone on this list knows the answer/solution?
> Here is the problem to solve: in a writer file it should become possible to set sections
of a text
> to a monotype font, where the font size should be 90% of the current font-size (e.g.
> Style: Default" or "Paragraph Style: Footnote". The reason for reducing the font size
relative to
> the Paragraph Style's defined font-size is, that monotyped words tend to be wider than
serif fonts;
> by reducing the current size by 10% such monotyped text looks nice again.
> To solve the problem I created a "Character Style" named "xyz" and defined it to be:
>    * Organizier: name=xyz, Linked with=- None -, Category: Custom Styles
>    * Font: Western text font: Font=DejaVu Sans Mono, Typeface=Book, Size=90%, Language=German
>    * Background: Yellow 2
>      After saving the changes to this "Character Style" and studying the definition in
>      "Organizer" tab of the "xyz" character style gives: Normal position + DejaVu Sans
Mono + 90% +
>      RGB(255,255,153),Not Transparent + RGB(255,255,153),Not Transparent
> Assigning this "Character Style" to text in a "Paragraph Style: Default", works as expected;
> Default's Font size of 12pt, causes the "xyz" character styled text to be set to a font
size of 10,8
> (correct: 12*0.9 ->  10.8).
> However if assigning the "xyz" character style to text in a "Paragraph Style: Footnote"
also yields
> a size of 10.8pt as above:
>      the Footnote paragraph style defines the font size to be 10pt, hence expecting the
>      styled text to be of size 9pt. However the "xyz" font-size is 10.8pt, making the
"xyz" character
>      styled text larger, not smaller than the surrounding text!
> Is this an expected behaviour?
> If so, is it possible to define character styles somehow to cause its text to be always
90% of the
> font size of the current paragraph style? How?

The defined 90% in your Character Style "xyz" is relative to the font size of 
the parent Character Style of "xyz". You found the parent Character Style in the 
format dialog on pane "Organizer", field "Linked with".
Change the font size of this Character Style and you will see the effect on text 
which has "xyz" applied.

Currently, I have no simple solution at hand.

But, you can go to http:// Here you find a 
forum, may be in your native language. May be somebody there has a solution.

Best regards, Oliver.

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