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From J├╝rgen Schmidt <>
Subject Re: [WIKI] Confusion about wikis and multilingual wiki
Date Mon, 02 Apr 2012 14:01:03 GMT
On 4/2/12 3:47 PM, Claudio Filho wrote:
> Hi
> I read all emails (possible) about our wikis, but not found the logic
> of when use one or other wiki - cwiki or mediawiki (what caused my
> mistake when i tried to contribute to localization procedure page).
> When i see propositions for project goes to cwiki, and procedures
> (like localization) to mediawiki. IMHO, after try many softwares, i
> was obliged in to agree that the userfriendly and useful interface of
> mediawiki for final user or not technical volunteer.

the point is that we didn't want to loose any information in the old 
wiki. But here we have a unclear license situation of the content that 
was a mistake in the past.

This is still an area where we need some work. We should identify as 
much as possible content with a clear license and should try to identify 
the problematic ones.

I hope it is clear now that new contribution are under ALv2, if not we 
should discuss it again and should define it.

> My doubt is what is the logic to write in one or other wiki?

it's a unlucky situation :-(

> In other hand, what is the destination of content in mediawiki? Can we
> reuse, organize and update there content? This question bring the
> second point: multilingual wiki.
> Looking the localization process, we already have some translations
> and i not understand why we haven't a localization toolbar in our
> pages (a bar in top of page, where we can select the base language).

if you think you can help here I would recommend that you join the 
dev@infrastructure mailing list and also join the IRC channel #asfinfra 
on freenode. Means become active and help the infrastructure project by 
contributing... That's the Apache way join a project and help where you 
can. In the long term you should get more and more permission 
(potentially become a committer there as well) and

> If we have interesting in continue working with mediawiki, i can help
> in manage the content with focus to give us a good information
> architecture and multilingual support.
see above


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