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From Dave Fisher <>
Subject Re: [WWW] Translating branding and navigation
Date Wed, 11 Apr 2012 15:47:23 GMT
Hi - 

es, de, nl, fi, pt-br, ru, and ja are now setup for committers to make translations to brand.mdtext
and topnav.mdtext.

I still have the question about Chinese / zh split regarding traditional / simplified (Taiwan
/ Mainland)

Next languages? cs, hu? Please respond for the next NL set.

home:           home
search:         search
name:           Apache OpenOffice (incubating)
tagline:        (incubating) | The Free and Open Productivity Suite
logo:           AOO_logos/OOo_Website_v2_copy.png
divid:          bannera

divid:  topnava

- [Product][m0]
- [Download][m1]
- [Support][m2]
- [Extend][m3]
- [Develop][m4]
- [Focus Areas][m5]
- [Native Language][m6]

[m0]:     /product/index.html                                           "Apache OpenOffice
product description"
[m1]:     /download/index.html                                          "Download"
[m2]:     /support/index.html                                           "Find Support for"
[m3]:     /extensions/index.html                                        "Extensions and Templates
for OpenOffice"
[m4]:   "Get involved in Apache
OpenOffice (incubating)"
[m5]:     /projects/accepted.html                                       "Apache OpenOffice
development focus areas"
[m6]:     /projects/native-lang.html                                    "Apache OpenOffice
in your Native Language"


On Apr 7, 2012, at 1:55 PM, Dave Fisher wrote:

> Hi Andrea,
> On Apr 7, 2012, at 11:48 AM, Andrea Pescetti wrote:
>> On 05/04/2012 Dave Fisher wrote:
>>> Here is what you would do to effect all of the FR site at once for
>>> translated branding and navigation buttons:
>> Thanks for the detailed instructions, that should definitely be put on
>> the wiki. I tried to apply them to the IT site:
>> Everything seems OK, but I can't see the changes at
>> or
> I think that there was a hiccup with the CMS. Joe asked that you trigger your build again.
> I went ahead and added the files for French. I also made a change to a comment in ooo-site/trunk/lib/
This is a trick that will cause the staging build to do a full build causing all of the IT
and FR sites to be changed to the new SSI.
>>> (1) Create trunk/templates/fr/ssi.mdtext from templates/ssi.mdtext
>>> ... Change /brand.mdtext to /fr/brand.html Change /topnav.mdtext to
>>> /fr/topnav.mdtext
>> I did this, just replacing "fr" -> "it".
>>> (2) Copy /trunk/content/brand.mdtext from content/brand.mdtext
>> Here I actually copied content/brand.mdtext to content/it/brand.mdtext
>> (which is probably what you meant) and edited accordingly.
>>> (3) Copy /trunk/content/topnav.mdtext from content/topnav.mdtext
>> Same as (2).
>>> Commit all three changes at once and the whole of the FR part of the
>>> site takes these changes at once. O(1) operation.
>> I committed, the build was triggered and succeeded but I don't see the
>> changes.
> The trick with lib/ may be required.
>>> If you would like I'll create the mdtext files and then you can
>>> translate.
>> This would probably be helpful to all native-lang projects, since even those not
familiar with SVN could simply submit the translated version of their mdtext files.
> Yes, but I want to wait until we do a couple and make sure all the proper details are
> We may be adding a news.mdtext and index.mdtext for the main index page, but that will
be a separate thread of work.
> And it is not a reason to wait. I'll look into doing it for many NLs this week.
> Here is a list of the next NLs to setup:
> es, de, nl, fi, pt-br, ru, ja
> This scheme only goes a single directory level deep. Is a single translation viable for
both zh_cn and zh_tw? If not then the two sites will need to be separated. I want to be careful
how that is done.
> Regards,
> Dave
>> Regards,
>> Andrea.

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