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From Dave Fisher <>
Subject Help with MacOSX Build
Date Mon, 23 Apr 2012 01:32:50 GMT
I have some questions about building for MacOSX

The project wiki is not very clear. [1][2]

(1) Where can I get a copy of Mac 10.4 SDK? 

(2) What version of XCode should I install?

Google answers (1) and (2) with the TDF's wiki[2]. I downloaded XCode 3.2.6 for my MacOSX
10.6.8 system and checked the Mac 10.4 SDK option during installation. Took a couple of hours,
but worked fine.

(3) dmake and epm. It should be more obvious that the config step can build these.

(4) The Java 1.6 vs. 1.5 issue is confusing as well. I'm on 10.6.8 and have Java SE 1..6.0_31-
yes I applied the Flashback update. Will everything work ok?

(5) I did the autoconfig and bootstrap i put the files from
into moz/zipped/ as the config process suggested. I started the build, after quite awhile
I had an error with moz. I am unsure what to do next

Here is my moz directory structure:


Here is the output:

Entering /Users/dave/Documents/AOO/aoo-3.4.0/main/moz

mkout -- version: 1.8
Use of internal mozilla is disabled.

Entering /Users/dave/Documents/AOO/aoo-3.4.0/main/moz/zipped

Error: No found!
dmake:  Error executing 'force_dmake_to_error': No such file or directory
dmake:  Error code -1, while making 'no_traget'

1 module(s): 
need(s) to be rebuilt


ERROR: error 65280 occurred while making /Users/dave/Documents/AOO/aoo-3.4.0/main/moz/zipped

When you have fixed the errors in that module you can resume the build by running:

	build --all:moz


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