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From drew <>
Subject Re: Draft chapters of "Getting Started with AOO" need reviewers
Date Tue, 24 Apr 2012 17:14:31 GMT
On Tue, 2012-04-24 at 18:58 +0200, Andrea Pescetti wrote:
> Il 24/04/2012 16:28, Juergen Schmidt wrote:
> > On Tuesday, 24. April 2012 at 21:56, drew wrote:
> >> Why not join with the ODFAuthours folks and work together - this old
> >> style of NL groups being a separate group - that was not really the best
> >> way IMO for many things in the old
> Oh sure, I wasn't in any way advocating segregation of NL projects. 
> Just, in this very specific case, the ODFAuthors guide have a very 
> well-defined and reasonable workflow: they are written in English first, 
> and once stable they are translated into other languages.
> >> This is gone now, it is a non-profit organization at ASF, there is no
> >> reason to keep referring to the Italian group as a separate 'we' as you
> >> do in your email.
> No, that "we" is not separate at all: indeed, Italian volunteers who 
> have the needed language skills and time availability already 
> participated in creating the original English version of the ODFAuthors 
> guides. I'm sorry if my phrasing gave a different picture.
> >> Why not work so a document starts in Italian and is translated to
> >> English, or Japanse or Swazi
> Well, in this case it makes a lot of sense to start with an English 
> version and then localize it in multiple languages. It's simply the most 
> efficient way in this case.
> > every contribution is helpful and welcome, independent of what it is.
> We are in release mode now so I understand that bandwidth is limited, 
> but indeed it is a pity that we still have volunteers in the pipeline; 
> we (and this "we" refers to current commiters, and it includes me of 
> course) should be more responsive in approving new committers and give 
> them all the needed permissions to contribute effectively.
> Regards,

Hi Andrea.

Well I was just much to curt in my previous email - I would like to come
back to this in a general way (maybe a strategic goals type
discussion) , but as you say not till after the release is done and as
part of the conversation regarding the merge of features from Symphony

Best wishes,


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