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From drew jensen <>
Subject RC candidate testing - status
Date Tue, 24 Apr 2012 16:19:59 GMT

Just a word on what I've been up to.

For the following platforms:
Ubuntu 11.04 (64bit) - Unity
Ubuntu Business Desktop 11.10 (32 bit) - Unity
OpenSuse 12.01 (32bit) Gnome 2.32
OpenSuse 12.01 (64bit) Gnome 3.0
MS Vista home (32bit)
MS 7 home (64bit)
[Vista and 7 using avast anti-virus]

Have installed each onto a clean (fully removed all old OO.o installs
w/any old config information) system. No problems.

Then proceeded to install the following extensions on each platform:
Bookmark Menus
SUN Report Builder
SUN MySQL Connector

Installed SQLite 3 with JDBC/ODBC drivers on all platforms.
Installed AdaBase on Windows Vista only.
Installed HSQLdb 2.2.8 on all paltforms
Installed Daisy player under Vista only.
Installed Thunderbird on all platforms.

Writer - 

Used ODTDaisy, ODTBrail and Writer2EPub to generate exports from the
current draft copy of the AOO 3.4 Getting Started Guide.
Checked output of Daisy files with reader (Windows only)
Checked ePub format with Calibre (Ubuntu only)
Have no way to check the Brail output at the moment.

Impress - 

Created a presentation on each platform, also opened, edited, presented
another set of 6 files on each platform. Focused on custom animations
and multi-media (video/sound) support.

Included Draw in this for creating some simple graphics, also for
importing some SVG images.

Database - 

Started with a set of csv files of names provided by the US Census
bureau and a MS Access (jet) database of Baseball stats for all
pro-players back to 1880 (it's my test set of data :)

Imported csv file into:
Base (hsqldb embedded) as linked text table.

Exported from Calc and Base to a new Base file as dBase format.

Exported the dBase format into new Base file as embedded HSQLdb.

Connected to MS Access data Read/Write capable - On Windows w/ direct
connector, on Linux via UnixODBC. 

Exported MS Access Data into new Base file connected via JDBC to SQLite
3, did again using ODBC.

Connected to MS Access (accdb format) copy of Baseball stats,
read/write, under Windows only.

Exported accdb data to new Base file connected to SQLite 3, JDBC and

For each platform created a new Base file using the built in table
templates (customers, employees, orders, orderdetails) via the wizard
for the following backends:
dbase, hsqldb embedded, hsqldb 2.2.8 file based, SQlite 3
[FK relation created where supported]
- created simple set of forms via wizard
- edited one form adding secondary sub-form
- created simple report (no Report Builder installed) via wizard
- created simple report via Report Builder wizard

Then opened a set of 6 ODB files, all embedded HSQL on each platform,
each file utilizes a different set of functions. All utilize basic
scripting for added functionaity - one for mail merging, one heavy on
Builder Reports, another heavy on dataform manipulation, etc.

For Todays test
I'll do imports, new table adds, quick forum and reports for PostgreSQL
9.1 via JDBC and MySQL 5.5 with the connector extension.
Connect to Thunderbird on all platforms for an Address book connection
and then some mail merge runs.

=== problems so far ===
Usual and expected data format issues on export/import but no crashes or
hangs during imports.

Table wizard is not handling all FK creation properly, but no crashes

So far all the Report Designer reports seem to be functioning - but have
not really pushed it as far as covering designer features.

The dataforms open in print view mode, not web view mode - there is a
workaround. [open any writer window, switch to web view, close the
window (no need to save) and all Base forms open properly now for the
duration of the office session]

The embedded HSQLdb file access got slower as did it seems all JDBC
based connections, but the embedded is as usual the worse. 

Did find one way to reliably crash the entire office:
The basic SHELL command will crash when:
1- executed from a basic library embedded in an ODB file
2- requires a badly formed command string
The same script coding error will generate an error dialog when executed
from a stand alone basic library.

Have not been able to execute a LoadLibrary for the embedded ODB
BasicLibraries object. I think this is a regression, certainly not a

The bookmark extension is not working at all under linux. (the same
version of the extension does still work with the current LibO, so think
maybe it was AOO that changed something)


Anyway, I'll probably use all of the alloted time to keep going but:
so far, so good I think.



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