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From drew <>
Subject Re: Draft chapters of "Getting Started with AOO" need reviewers
Date Tue, 24 Apr 2012 13:56:53 GMT
On Tue, 2012-04-24 at 13:45 +0200, Andrea Pescetti wrote:
> Jean Weber wrote:
> > A reminder that draft  chapters of "Getting Started with AOO" need
> > reviewers; you can find the chapters here.
> >
> Thanks a lot to you and your team for this very important work. When the 
> English version gets stable, please inform this list so that we can 
> refresh the Italian translation too!
> Regards,

Hi   Andrea

Why not join with the ODFAuthours folks and work together - this old
style of NL groups being a separate group - that was not really the best
way IMO for many things in the old That division IMO was
a result of folks resisting the corporate nature of the project, the SUN

This is gone now, it is a non-profit organization at ASF, there is no
reason to keep referring to the Italian group as a separate 'we' as you
do in your email. 

Why not work so a document starts in Italian and is translated to
English, or Japanse or Swazi - but all as one, for once, and not this
division by language, not like it was.


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