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From Michael Meeks <>
Subject CWS licensing query ...
Date Thu, 19 Apr 2012 16:24:58 GMT
Hi there,

	Just digging through the code looking at some (re)-licensing issues we
have to deal with, and I'm wondering about the license of code in Child
Workspaces (branches in Mercurial).

	It would be my hope (and for both project's benefit) that existing
patches (ie. CWS), to the code that Oracle has contributed under the
AL2, would also be available under the AL2.

	Is that the case ? reading:

	I see:

	"The ASF received two Software Grant Agreements from Oracle, the
	 first on June 1st, 2011 and a supplemental one on October 17th,
	 2011.  Presumably these agreements are available for inspection
	 by Apache Members."

	"The list of files covered by each of these grants, were
	 extracted from the SGA and can be found in _these files_"

	Which seems to just have flat lists of files, and I had a couple of

	1. Are those SGA's unmodified, and/or does the scope extend
	   beyond the plain list of files, and just one version of
	   them ?

	2. Is the text of these SGA's made public somewhere ?
	   (prolly a FAQ) I'm confused by this 'Members only'
	   restriction that is presumed.

	Anyhow - glad to see Oracle has got close to the end of getting the
code out there: good stuff. It'd be nice to get some clarity around
those CWS' that are not yet merged, eg. Armin's nice work in CWS aw080.

	It'd be really useful to have a statement on that - or perhaps I just
missed an existing one, help appreciated !



--  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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